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258a Upper Richmond Rd, London, SW15 6TQ Directions

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Business overview

Film Processing and Scanning

Retailer of Minox 35mm and 8x11mm cameras and accessories. MInox Camera and Binocular repairs.

Film Sales and Processing for subminiature cameras: APS, Disc, 110 and 8x11mm.

Digitisation of VHS, MiniDV, Cine to MP4.

Supplier of MINOX cameras and films to film and television.

Apple Repairs.


110 Film Processing and Scanning
£8.99 - 15 per film
110 Film Lomography
From £8.59
MINOX EC Subminiature Camera
Kodak Ektar 100 ASA for Minox
£9.99 with cassette per film
Disc Film High Quality Scanning Package. Processing and Scanning on an Imacon Scanner 6300 dpi.
Minox High Quality Scanning Package: develop and scan with Imacon Scanner
per film £19.99

Products & Services

Film Processing

Bespoke Film Development

Film Development


MS Hobbies

A very helpful shop highly recommend for Minox accessories films developing photos
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Great people to deal with

you will get good service backed up by second to none knowledge about minox and subminature photography. Buy with confidence from ms hobbies.
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Unique specialist shop for retro film, cameras and binoculars. Could not be more friendly,and helpfu

This could not be a more outgoing and helpful business. They have huge knowledge across a wide area of specialist cameras and binoculars, and know the film processing side inside out. Nothing is too much trouble and they are not at all condescending with beginners. I would recommend highly.
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