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Luke Ramsay is a Doctor Of Chiropractic and a Fellow if The college of Chiropractors. He has over 30 years experience and uses a gentle non invasive method of chiropractic called Sacro Occipital Technique. He is an international lecturer in this particular technique. It is a complete system which gently restores movement and function to the pelvis, spine and extremities. He has a vast amount of experience with all aspects of chiropractic but specialises in the treatment of disc herniations, babies and children.

As well as chiropractic treatment we have photobiomodulation therapy or as most people know it as cold laser therapy. Our Thor laser is used in the treatment of inflammation and pain. There are many research papers showing the benefits of cold laser in the treatment of:

* Arthritis

* Plantar Fasciitis

* Tennis / Golfers Elbow

* Tendonitis

* Frozen Shoulder

* Back / Neck Pain

* Knee / Foot Pain


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Laser Practitioner
We have a flexion distraction treatment table which is designed for the treatment of disc hernias. We also have a table specially designed to lift up for patients who are not able to climb onto the table. The table lifts up and lowers them down.
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  • The Royal College Of Chiropractors
  • United Chiropractic Association
  • General Chiropractic Council


5 stars from me

Luke has saved me, I can't begin to explain how much Luke has improved my life by stabilising issues in my spine. Luke has joined up so many dots for me. I've been lost in a system and cycle of pain for 15+ years. I can't thank Luke enough. I almost crawl into his surgery then bounce out, amazing. Professional, knowledgeable and very patient.
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Cannot recommend enough

Having getting cold laser therapy for only 2 weeks I cannot recommend this treatment enough. After a fall 2 years ago onto already arthritic knees, I found movement and mobility, limiting. Sometimes with flare ups meaning movement was also very painful. Only 2 weeks into my treatment & I’m already noticing movement improving 100%. From someone who couldn’t do a child’s pose in yoga, to this morning being able to get fully into the position, I could not be happier.
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Herniated Discs - Life Saver - Recommended

Luke has been an absolute life-saver. I herniated two discs in my back and was destined to be wheelchair bound whilst waiting for a back operation, all this after having suffered months of pain. Luke was able to persuade the discs back into place giving me instant pain relief. It’s took a while but after a series of treatment I can now do everything I did before. Also, I’ve not had to have a back operation! Would absolutely recommend Luke and I still visit him once a year for a check-up, (a bit like a body “MOT”). It’s a 300 mile round trip for me and it’s worth every penny for the peace of mind.
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The one and only chiropracter

A great chiropractor. I have been going to Luke since he began practicing thirty five years ago. He is always so well informed and listens to what the patient says before acting. He fits you in when you need him and has always improved my neck and back issues I would trust him implicitly.
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I am very grateful to Luke.....

After 3 months of back pain, 6 weeks of worsening leg pain, and GP/Physio appointments, I visited Luke. On my 1st visit, Luke examined me and said he suspected an L4/L5 disc prolapse. He was open with me - he said that in 80% of cases he is able to address the prolapse, however in 20% of cases, where the prolapse is significant, surgery will be required. On my 3rd visit, Luke was concerned with the lack of improvement in my condition and recommended an MRI scan to assess the suspected prolapse. Luke arranged the scan, and when he received the report, directed me to contact my GP immediately. 24 hours later, I was recovering from surgery, following a diagnosis of ‘large disc prolapse with complete cauda equina compression at L4/L5’. Cauda equina is a serious condition, with potentially life-changing consequences if not diagnosed in time. I am grateful to Luke for identifying the prolapse, suspecting the seriousness, pushing me to get the scan, and for his offer of support post-surgery.
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