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Treating Adults, Adolescents and Children from age 6 Plus

Treating, adults, couples, adolescents and children aged 6 plusI am a senior experienced (Acc) Clinical Hypnotherapist, Cognitive Behavioural Hypno-Psychotherapist,(Hypno-CBT), CBT Personal and Couple Life Coach, Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and SIRPA Practitioner PPD / TMS (Mind Body Healing) Specialist. I have built up a highly regarded reputation, based on proven successful outcomes. I achieve this by Integrating the most cutting-edge psychological tools of therapy available to date, to help you achieve your goals and move towards the life you want to achieve in the fastest possible time, safely, easily and most importantly effectively. For all issues listed, the most sessions you are likely to need is 5 - 6. Support to Stop Smoking can be traditionally be achieved in just two sessions.

I run a successful SIRPA stress illness clinic, helping you to free yourself up of physical symptoms that turn up in your body as a manifestation of emotional stress, fear, upset and anger. I do this by working through current stresses and past stresses that you may still be holding onto, and addressing aspects of your personality that may be fuelling these symptoms.

I am one of the few local Hypnotherapists also specialising in working with children and young adolescents from age 6 Plus. This therapy works remarkably well with young people.


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Registered with the:

National Council for Hypnotherapy - Senior Status ACC

The General Hypnotherapy Register - Senior Status SQHP

The National Hypnotherapy Register -Senior Status Acc

CNCH ( Complementary Natural Healthcare Council) Registered

Registered Clinical Supervisor (GHR)

Senior Lecturer in Hypnotherapy


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Products and services

Specialising in young people age 6 - Adult

Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Fears, Phobias

Work Issues, Relationship Issues, Couples

Low Confidence, Self Esteem, Self Belief

Specialist in Acute Pain and Emotional Illness

Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, IBS, Headaches

Insomnia, Compulsive tendencies

Low Mood, Negative Thinking

Emotional Trauma e.g. Hurt, Anger, Upset, Guilt,

Help with Weight Loss,

CBT,(Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) NLP, TFT

Life Coaching, Business Coaching Careers Guidance

Help to Stop Smoking

Help with Bad Habits



  • National Hypnotherapy Society Accredited Member
  • Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council Registered Practitioner


  • National Council for Hypnotherapy
  • General Hypnotherapy Register
  • Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council
  • National Hypnotherapy Society


Helped me return to a normal life I'd forgotten I'd had.
Louise helped me return to normal life after an episode of illness that had severely knocked my confidence, and led to me reducing my activities to very few.

In just 5 sessions (over 5 weeks), I started to gain hope I didn't believe I could, and I continue to improve using the techniques I was taught, even a month on from my last session.

I would highly recommend Louise.
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Got myself back!
Having had a few different CBT therapists before Louise whom I did not find to really help me, I was quite apprehensive when I first began my treatment with Louise; however, from the moment my first appointment started I was immediately put at ease. Louise is a fantastic therapist with a wide skill set to suit everyone; I've had hypnotherapy sessions, visualisation and tapping with her also. Every week we covered a different topic or area of anxiety of mine; she gave me written sheets and many coping strategies to use. Louise rearranged an appointment for me last minute when I was ill and I was able to have it over Skype, which I was particularly grateful for as I know most wouldn't have been able to do that. I was an anxious mess when I first met Louise and through her sessions, I've been able to restore confidence and belief in myself; from not wanting to leave the door to travelling South East Asia and completing my final year away at university. I couldn't recommend her enough!
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I first found Louise while searching about TMS. I could not get out of bed, I was on every painkiller possible, referred to physio and even talked about operation for my ‘Sciatica’ I tried everything, massage, osteopaths, chiropractors, Acupuncture the list goes on and nothing helped. I started to read ‘The great pain of deception’ and I knew I had TMS so I contacted Louise. Louise supported me to find out why this pain was happening, the deep rooted issues that I have pushed down for many years. I am now pain free and my life has changed forever, I am so grateful for Louise, what she has taught me is tools that I use on a daily basis and are invaluable. Whenever I get a slight twinge in my leg I know that I need to check in with my body and see how I’m feeling. I believe so of us show our feelings through our body and I am that person. I cannot recommend Louise enough. My children have their mum back with no pain and my husband has his wife back. Thank you so much Louise. Stacey
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Since seeing Louise my Daughter fly's with a much better experience on an plane. She would be sick every half hour or so, but now she is 85% better off.On an 14 hour flight to Sydney, that would have been very difficult. Sundus walked off the plane which she hasn't done for years. Louise was a saint and sorted her out, God bless you Louise and your family. This was our last chance of trying things. You really have been a life safer for us and Sundus.
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Exam Anxiety.
I went to see Louise 7 years ago to help me with blushing and anxiety. Throughout the hypnotherapy sessions Louise helped me understand my triggers and I was able deal with them. Louise gave me the tools to help myself and taught me how to do self-hypnosis which I use to re-centre myself.
I went to see Louise again on Friday as I had an exam on Saturday. Due to failing the maths exam twice and if I failed it a third time I would lock myself out of teacher training for two years. I had built it it up so much that's I was full of anxiety and fear of failing.
The hypnotherapy session with Louise was fantastic and she helped me to clear my mind, believe in myself and relax.
Whilst taking my exam I was able to push the pressure of having to pass away and I was able to focus clearly on the questions.
I passed the exam!! :0)
Thank you so much Louise x
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