London Probation

Suite B Denmark House, West Hendon Broadway, London, NW9 7BW Directions


So unhappy with the service received from Paul Stanley and team from hendon probation london

They do very little to help and drag their feet when it comes to the paperwork and then tells lies giving false hopes to cover up for work that should have been done already which he has not been done delaying the processed and due to his lack of effort he has been avoiding my calls nor will he return my calls.
These people are doing nothing, getting paid with tax payers hard earned money to do nothing and cause prisoners additional stress which is not needed if only the job was executed professionally a lot of innocent prisoner would be released without delays and the stress of chasing a probation officer to do what they need to do FACTS.
I could go on for hours telling you about my horrific experiences with the hendon probation team. really cant wait for the day i don't have to deal with these incompetent people.
Another day maybe.
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