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In an industry where everyone focuses on body transformations, we focus on both Physical and Mental Well-being Transformations

In an Industry saturated with Body Transformation programmes, Livefit 14 offer a range of services to improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

Sometimes you get caught up in life, spending all your energy with the Wife, Kids, Dogs, and Work, and you tend to forget about the most important thing…..yourself!

Livefit 14 don’t just specialise in body transformations (despite our proven track record!), we also focus on mental well-being, so you can be the best version of yourself to help you enjoy similar successes to the challenges life brings.

We offer a range of affordable, friendly fitness options for all ages and abilities including:

Group Training One to One Training Hiit Classes

Body Transformations Online Plans Circuit Classes

In all of the options above, you’ll be surrounded with a group of positive, friendly people, investing time in yourself, to help you achieve your desired goals.

Whatever your goals whether it be to lose weight , tone, improve your mindset, or simply escape from everyday life and get out of the house, we will have an option to suit both your goals and your budget.

If you want to torch the fat, or escape and chew the fat, we are the people to speak to!


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Following on from TWO eating disorders a new mindset, and extreme dedication to the decision to change his life for the better seen amazing results, still with us today and proud to now call him a friend
Phenomenal effort from a guy who works 20 hour days 7 days a week with his plastering business, in 12 weeks he showed people “I have no time to get in shape” is nothing but an excuse
What can I say about Jimmy? The guy hadn’t trained for years and the day before his photo shoot prepared with a bottle of Jack Daniels, great lad, mad as a box of frogs but extremely dedicated when he needed to be
Simply the nicest man on the planet, wanted to get in shape, 12 weeks later showed guys half his age how it was done! Fantastic!
A lad after my own heart, work hard play harder, quite often would have to travel the country working long hours with his business and loves a weekend away to recharge his batteries, all we had to do was find a balance and the results speak for themselves, immense and well earned
For a long time the queen of Livefit14, I have never seen anybody led by example the way Ashley did, nicest most genuinely hard working lady I know, top results from a top lady
Great lad from a great family, totally out of his comfort zone at first, but a few tweaks to his lifestyle and a compromise on heavy weekends saw another phenomenal result from a cracking lad
Carl struggled with the nutrition at first, as soon as we tweaked a few things to allow some beer on a Saturday with the cricket lads he flew, brilliant!
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Lost an amazing 2 stone and still going, loves a relaxing weekend with a few sweets and a take away but as these pictures show he’s got his balance perfect! A personality to brighten up any early morning and a massive part to the early morning training groups
The loudest girl I know and one of the hardest working, spent 6 months doing double sessions in order to get the shape she wanted, great girl and now a qualified CrossFit Coach
One of the nicest girls I’ve ever met or had the pleasure to work with, not many people have beat the feeling I had when Amy reached her goal, the improve t in her confidence and mindset was something spectacular, then you see the pictures and simply say wow! Amazing
The picture looks great doesn’t it? What it doesn't show is the change in mental well-being, 2 stone in weight loss and a completely different outlook on life, more positive and confident, I’m proud to call him a friend and even prouder to of been part of his journey
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A unique training experience for body and mind

I found LiveFit14 through a friend during the first lockdown. I have never looked back.. James made me feel really welcome as did every other member of the team - and that's what LiveFit14 is - one big team. I started doing the live zoom classes from my kitchen and lost over 1 stone. I then joined the Cyclone group which is the best move I have ever made. Cyclone offers a totally unique training experience with very qualified coaches who know their stuff. I'm 2 stone down and 3 dress sizes. LiveFit14 isn't just a gym experience - it gives you a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Everyone helps each other out and there is no judgement. James has created a unique gym experience that gets results both physically and mentally
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I started training with James and the livefit14 Family during the time when the world went mad and it was an easy way to fall into bad habits (which i was guilty of doing) Since starting, my confidence has gained and i feel so much fitter than i ever have before. Ive also dropped a dress size in the 4 month i have been here and will continue to stay on this healthy bandwagon that i am on! The support from the group that James has built is unreal and really don't feel like i would find another group quite like this one!
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Simply the Best

I have been attending classes since September 2019 however it wasn't until the pandemic happened and we were all in lockdown did my sessions take off. James catered for 2 classes a day Monday to Friday adding a free Saturday morning one. The sessions then developed into one huge family of moral, mental and physical support which has then obtained huge results for us all. Had it not been for James and his utter selflessness in ensuring we all had a routine then i don't know where i would be. He continues to offer 2 classes a day via Zoom and PT classes in his brand new gym. He is an amazing human and i have never been this fit. Thank you James
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Thank you!!!

Wow where to start. I started my journey with James earlier this year and I have genuinely never felt better. I’m toning up, feeling much stronger but by far, the greatest change has been in my mental health. James has been absolutely fantastic in adapting each and every workout to work around my weaknesses so that I can always get 100% out of every single session as well as having loads of fun so no workout ever gets boring. He goes above and beyond to make sure I’m okay, even working around my work schedule which wouldn’t fit with every trainer. I couldn’t recommend LiveFit14 enough - thank you for helping me change my life! I’ve also gained a friend in James - he knows when I’ve had a less than perfect day and can change my mood almost instantly. He’s one of those people that just “get it”, and I’d be lost without him! Could not recommend training with James enough. 🙂
09 Aug 2019
I genuinely love you Lauren! Thank you for being perfect and making me laugh every single session, thank you for the kind words x
09 Aug 2019
I genuinely love you Lauren! Thank you for being perfect and making me laugh every single session, thank you for the kind words x
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What a lift in body and mind!

Having a business to run and three young kids it’s always been a challenge to look after myself and balance the stresses of life with keeping myself fit, while stopping my brain from exploding with stress! James is very clever at tailoring exactly what you need to get you going and keeping your interest. He always looks to push you in the right direction, even if at the time you don’t know it yet.

Classes are very well thought out and you can tell a lot of time and effort has been put into planning them - they keep you on your toes and more than that they’re fun, which is rare as many classes these days are far too serious. Even if you just need an hour to yourself, to recharge your batteries, you’ll not be disappointed!
26 Jun 2019
Thank you Neil, you are responsible for my change in direction a few year back, the detachment from life’s stresses are sometimes as important as body kicking gym session, I realised that with you, thank you for that and your kind words
26 Jun 2019
Thank you Neil, you are responsible for my change in direction a few year back, the detachment from life’s stresses are sometimes as important as body kicking gym session, I realised that with you, thank you for that and your kind words
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