Little Orchard Dog Training Academy

Little Orchard Gills Lane, Rooksbridge, Axbridge, BS26 2TZ Directions

Tel 07736 425527

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Business overview

Running Puppy and Dog Training in and around Weston-Super-Mare. Offering all levels of Kennel Club Courses along with Agility, Gundog and other Fun Courses.

Training at Little Orchard is designed to be fun and interactive, strengthening the bond between you and your dog. We provide reward based training for dogs and aim to provide a relaxed environment for owners.

Little Orchard is owned by Sarah Lindsey, a registered Veterinary Nurse with 14 years experience. Sarah is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, member of the British institute of Pet Dog Trainers.

We train at a number of venues in and around Weston-Super-Mare.

The training team includes Senior trainers, Trainers and Assistants. We have 4 Kennel Club examiners and 2 APDT members in the team.

Products and services

Dog Agility training

Puppy training

Gun dog training

Kennel Club Courses

Dog Behavior assessments

Dog training

Pet food supplies

Fun Agility training

1-2-1 training

Heelwork to music

Bronze, Silver, Gold


Not great ending
Was quite annoyed with little orchards. Took me on a course when they knew i had a holiday towards the end of training. They told me it was fine and said i could complete it on the next course coming in at end to complete. But when i enquired again to do this i was then told i could not do it. That i would have to do the whole course again at a slightly reduced rate. This was not on and i feel i wasted my money. Why take me on to do it when she knew the outcome. Did not complete course in the end and feeling ripped off. But a real shame as i enjoyed it up to then. Would never use again and would not recommend. But i followed the training and sorted it myself. No thanks to what i feel they did. Showed to me it was just about money.
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If Carling did puppy or dog training . . . .
Having been dog owners for over 20 years we never felt the need for training until we had two puppies from the same litter! This is when we found Little Orchard, the friendliest dog trainers, not once did they belittle us for having two puppies from the same litter, instead they gave us sound advice and welcomed us into their academy. We cannot speak highly enough of the training our two puppies have received at Little Orchard. They've both passed their puppy class and are now currently completing their bronze course, both thoroughly enjoying each class, learning new commands and tricks. I'm always full of questions that Sarah and her team are happy to answer either in class or via email. No expert would recommend having two puppies at the same time but Little Orchard have shown us that it is possible to have two well behaved puppies if you use their easy to follow kind instructions! Little Orchard have proven that not only can you teach an old dog new tricks but that you definitely teach old owners new much kinder ways of teaching their dogs!
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Dog Training
Having not done any training with my cockapoo Buster who was just over a year when I decided to look for a local dog training company. After doing the standard Google search. Little Orchard came up. What attracted me to them the most, was the fact that all of the trainers has there own dogs (which they clearly love). I've been put off wrongly by dog training in the past as thought it may tell you not to love your dog. I feel little orchard has encouraged the bond between me and Buster. After going through the bronze course with Buster it was clear that he had a couple of issues. After a couple of one to one sessions, I've been given lots of advice on how to help Buster feel less anxious in the house and feel more settled on walks. Buster is now in a small social group which is really helping him learn how to interact with other dogs. The work the tutor dogs do really needs to be seen to be appreciated for how amazing they are. Anyone who is thinking of contacting a dog whisperer (I've done that) needs to contact Little Orchard.
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Absolutely Brilliant
Just over 4 years ago we took our nervous frightened Labrador puppy to Little Orchard all she wanted to do was hide behind my legs! Now, after passing KC bronze silver and gold obedience, a couple of years of agility and gun dogs we have the perfect dog. Compliments abound where ever we take her. This is down to the great training, encouragement and good humour of the team at Little Orchard. Whatever your puppy or dog is like it will be better after some time with Sarah and her team.
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Wooftastic! !
Very friendly and approachable training team who are always happy to help and give advice. I have been training at LO with my 4mth old pup and have just completed the fun but thorough puppy course. We were made to feel very welcome and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere Sarah and her team creates making you feel at ease. I'm looking forward to attending future training courses with my boy to ensure he reaches his full potential. Cannot recommend highly enough :-)
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