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Rubbish Service Part 3 - Don't Book unless desperate

Part 3.
If the last two reasons don't put you off then this is the most comedic part of all..
The newly weds was also told that they lost their deposit due to them having a confetti balloon for the first dance. They simply didn't want the trouble of cleaning up confetti flutter. (I know its a pain in the backside) but the staff and venue most not of heard of a hoover/vacuum before. Like come on!

Family even at the end of the night helped collect a few glasses from table to the bar, any rubbish seen on tables were binned. When offered by two people at the wedding to help sweep up the confetti after they said no its alright.

Fair is fair - Out of the 3 parts said here - this has to be the most bizarre of reasons! avoid booking at all costs - this venue seems to not want to work so should close its doors to avoid further embarrassment. What next? You loose a booking deposit because the staff have to clean the pint glasses? Or empty the rubbish bins??
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Rubbish Service Part 2 - Don't Book unless disparate

Part 2.
The same newly weds paid a deposit of £100 on booking the Lime Tree. They were told that they would loose their deposit if any damages and also if outside drink was brought in. (Understandable)
The newly weds lost their deposit unfairly for the following two silly reasons..
All the family kept their promise, however the weekend in question was over fathers day, to which a distant family member bought there father, Lottery tickets, a card and a 4 pack of beer that was sealed in its packaging and in a gift bag - all unopened. The same man did not drink for the entire wedding due to being a nominated driver. The staff tried to bin the present and stated he was drinking it! he genuinely didn't touch it! it was just left under the table.
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A few things went wrong with this venue 0 Stars.
Reasons being it was book for a family wedding reception booked pre-covid and finally took place back in June 2022. They managed to work well with changing the dates etc..
But when it came to setting up the night before - We was told a time that a Bingo event would be over and wasn't which added stress to the setting up situation as people only had limited time to help setup.
The wedding cake arrived the day before the wedding and it was damaged under their care. A witness close to family seen this happen as it got bashed onto a table and was hand carried, when there was a transport trolley available.
The Bride did not know until she arrived at the venue when the photographer had to tell the newly weds that the cake is damaged and had to take the photos promptly in case it collapsed during the evening, which led to it being cut immediately. The venue people said it was due to the weather as that week was during a warm few days
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