Latif Indian Restaurant

1a Clayton St West, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 5EE Directions

Tel 0191 230 3780
   Closed today Open Tuesday 00:00 - 01:00


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very disapointed by the staff and the service

me and my husband visited here last week.

i can only agree with what the others have said on here. it was terrible.

the young waiter got our order wrong and when we asked to speak to the manger, an elderly man, he was horrible to us.

we wont be going again.
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Awful and nasty

Threatened my heavily pregnant friend because we dared to leave after 3 hours where despite having ordered food and constantly being told it would be just another minute.

Ended up having to call the police to get them to let us leave after they locked us and threatened to harm us, including two children.
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Dinner party ruined by staff behaviour

We had a large party of 26 people family and friends celebrating the up coming birth of our friends baby in 2 weeks time and it took 2 and a half hrs to only be severed some drinks and some starters from 8 pm to 10:30. The table had been booked for a week and we were there on time for our booking for 8pm. They didn't take any drinks orders for ages getting close for 9 then they took ages getting them and ages to take food orders, past 9, they did popodoms then about about 10 mins later for dips when that should have been at the same time. Starters, for those who had ordered some, didn't even come out til about 10:10, the poor blokes in the party had not had anything to eat earlier in the day as they were at an event, and we had 2 children with us, 9 yrs and 5 yrs, so the kids were starving, they managed to bring 1 plate of fish & chips for the 9 yr old but no sign of the other one despite being asked twice for it. we kept asking how much longer is dinner, to which we were told 20 mins more and this is getting on for 10:30. So it got to 10:30 and we'd had enough, as they kept saying oh it'll be another 20 mins for mains, so it would've been near 11 before we could have eaten which is ridiculous since we arrived at 8 & they knew it was a large party so should have been able to handle that and should have taken orders straight away. So we tried to leave and the staff behaved appallingly, blocking the door, refusing to let the kids out with their parents but would have let the kids themselves out on their own which is disgraceful, they threatened us, and phoned the police who came promptly but then they wouldn't let them in in case we got out, but eventually we paid for what we'd had and left with the police overseeing it.

So needless to say we will never go there again, and would not recommend it to anyone especially for parties! There was absolutely no need for staff to behave in a such an appalling way, threatening violence to customers, and saying they would let children out of the restaurant but without their parents is utterly disgraceful.
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“Dont go here in a party, they can not cope!!!!!!”

I visted this restaurant last night within a group of 26 that had been pre booked for 8pm.
They sat us and after a while took drinks orders, which took an age to appear.

Then at 9pm they took food orders for starters and mains, the starters arrived a full hour later.

Then after being here 2 and half hours and only had a starter and drinks, some hadn't even ordered a starter, we asked asked how long for main to be told 20-30mins.........unacceptable!
Especially considering our party had a pregnant women and children.

So we decided to leave paying only for our drinks, to then be locked in and physical restrained from leaving, even the children.
One of our party attempted to move the young waiter out of the way so that the children and their parents could go, to be told "if you touch me again I will snap your jaw"
A boast, just like the main meals, I sure he couldn't delivery!

Police and arguing ensued then we settled up more than we should have as the manager claimed we'd only gave him £25 (Rubbish, staff were given a lot more)
But on the plus said he gave us 50% vouchers off for our next visit, presumably we'll use them after HELL FREEZES OVER!!!!!!!!!!
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Nasty Staff, Bad Food

Got here at 8pm, had booked in advance, myself and a group of 26.

They refused to take our order until 9pm then didn't serve us until 10pm, well our starter anyway.

So it's getting close to 10:30 and I have to catch the last bus home, asked for the bill, they refused then locked us in and called the police, police and and forced restaurant to give us a bill for the starters.

Bad restaurant, nasty and evil staff, deserve to close down.
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