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7 Britannia Road N12 9RU

7 Britannia Rd Side Gate, London, N12 9RU Directions

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Business overview

L A Guitars - Makers, repairs, setups, since 1974. Highest quality work at reasonable prices - great value! Call us for some helpful, friendly advice.

The workshop is full of hand tools, from chisels to spoke shaves, planes, files, saws and clamps (lots and lots of them).

You will see some unusual tools that we have made and a few electric machines like a lathe, a band saw and a drill Bench when you enter the workshop, the first thing that strikes you is the small of wood and French polish.

It's as if you have taken a trip into history and have stepped into Cremona in the 17 hundreds. Not a lot has changed. The tools and the atmosphere, the attitude and craftsmanship are all very similar to the ancient days.


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L A Guitars - Makers, repairers, setups, since 1974. Highest quality work at reasonable prices - great value! Call us for some helpful, friendly advice.
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Products & Services

Repairs and setup to all string instruments

Hand made Guitars and the Violin family


acoustic guitars

electric guitars

Classical guitars

Bass guitars

guitar repairs

Guitar setups

Guitar pickups





string instruments

Double bass




guitar strings

Violin strings



L.A. Guitars is the greatest

Haim does outstanding work on my guitars when I take them to L.A. Guitars and I highly recommend him to any guitarist out there. The man is a whiz and can do almost anything you want. It is always a pleasure to visit there and see what he has done to improve your sound. Ten out of ten!
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L A Guitars really care

Took a Fender Telecaster that was buzzing and choking on the upper frets, and Haim adjusted the neck (truss rod) and action (via the string saddles) to fix the problem. As the adjustments only took a few minutes Haim refused to take any money from me! Obviously for 99.9% of jobs they will, quite rightly, charge - but this experience shows that L A Guitars really care.
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La Guitar is incredible!

Amazing experience! Great shop and such a knowledgeable owner.
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Simply the best

David Lipkin and Haim Algranati are greatly skilled, master craftsmen who can set-up, repair, 'age' and customise your guitar. You won't believe the difference they can make to your guitar's appearance, playability and sound. I've used them since 1997 and, every time, the results have been outstanding. They're not only incredible at what they do, they're genuine, warm and considerate guys who go to great lengths to delight you with their service.

15 years ago, I had the ultimate luxury of having them build me an acoustic guitar. It was a wonderfully rewarding experience and I'll never play another acoustic six-string because nothing can touch mine for its aesthetic beauty and its tone. They've recently 'aged' my Gibson SG and Fender Stratocaster, turning new guitars into ones that can be easily mistaken for 50-year-old vintage models. The difference is mind-blowing. Whatever you want to do with your guitar - whether you're a professional musician or an enthusiastic amateur - put your trust in David and Haim. You won't regret it.
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L A. Guitars

I cannot thank David and Haim enough for saving my J185 and bring her back to life when I had almost given up hope. Both David and Haim are extremely hospitable and complete experts in their field as luthiers. It's like taking your sick relative to a good doctor who asks all the right questions, listens to your concerns and then carries out a full examination in search of a cure. With all things considered the last thing David or Haim want to do is to take your money. Their first concern is to help put things right and for you to be happy. On collecting my guitar today, I knew from the first strum that all the issues, playing concerns and harmonics were suddenly not a problem anymore and for the first time my guitar was back in my hands and I am now going to keep her. I can only recommend that you contact David and Haim if you want the best for your guitar. It doesn't matter how big or small the concern is...they will treat your concern with honesty and integrity. It is obvious from the moment you walk into their workshop that these are luthiers with a passion for what they do and when someone is passionate about their craft...you know that they will give you their very best. Not only will they out your guitar right but they will also welcome you back with any concerns and further adjustment if needed to make sure you are 100% satisfied. It's extremely clear to me that although they will charge you for their services; more important than money is their reputation and good name. I will happily go back to and recommend LA Guitars to anyone that might require their services and I will hope that I can also consider David and Haim not as the people that fixed my guitar..but also as friends.
Thank you so much for your help and your hospitality.
Best Regards
Andreas Karras
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