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Not only this agency has no costumer service values, they are also rude, arrogant and xxxxx. I was looking for a house with some fellow students from the same university, since I was not in the country I was dealing with the agency via E-mail where as the other fellow students were meeting with them here in London. I was kept out of the loop and I wasn't told half the information about the house, the agents would not reply to my E-mails and would often ignore them. Anyway once I moved into the house, every room had a cupboard except mine so when I went to sign the papers at the agency they said "We will fix that we will bring you a cupboard" and also, in this particular house you could only lock the front door and not your own room which I was unhappy with, while at the agency they said they will fix that as well. However, I must add that I have paid 150 pounds agency fee, one month's rent and one month's rent worth of deposit. Once I signed the papers the letting agent merrily refused to help me with anything to do with the house and told me to talk to the land lady - mind you this "family run" agency lets houses which are owned by their relatives! On top of it all, the heating in my room did not work, when I called the land lady she was so rude and she started screaming at me saying I have to pay more and she won't provide me with a cupboard and as far as the heating was concerned, they were least interested in fixing it, while I was dying in London winter! After 2 days of moving in I started getting very restless and I decided to move out, mind you the Landlady had not signed the papers yet. So I called the agent and being a British-Indian himself when I talked to him about my concerns about the land lady he said "You Indians are like this, you are no angel". I do not see the need to be insulted like this when I'm paying so much! Their behavior towards me was absolutely racist mainly because the rest of the house mates were white. Once I decided to move out the landlady told me in the presence of all the flatmates and the agent himself that she will return my deposit plus rent for half a month once a new person moves in. A new girl moved in literally 2 days after I left, this land lady took half a month's rent and deposit from her as well and its been way over 6 months but she has not returned my money despite my several calls, every time I call she says "I have no interest in keeping your money" but she never returns! Its like my money has disappeared into a black hole. Apart from being insulted I also lost a lot of money! I hope nobody else gets caught up with this nightmare of an agency!!
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