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The KMA Association in the support for the teaching of KokidoRyuNinjutsu " The Way Of The Shadow Warrior" & Honjojutsu Katori Ryu "The Way Of The Sword". Online & Private Tuition.

The KMA Association is the governing body and headquarters for the teachings of KokidoRyuNinjutsu and Honjojutsu Katori Ryu. A comprehensive and challenging study into the world of the Ancient Shinobi Warriors Clas during the Sengoku period of feudal Japan. A Ninjutsu Online and Sword drawing art School for newcomers or those wishing to advance there skills in Swordsmanship and the Shinobi-no-mono arts. Membership is covered by coursework supported by and introduction course Online in support of each members enrolment in both the “Way Of The Shadow Warrior” and the “Way Of The Sword”. The Full Online course is available from the "Study Room" section of each Website once completing the Introduction Course, which can be accessed either at or in relation to chosen disciplines undertaken.

Founded by Master Sensei Treanor 10th Dan KokidoRyu-Ninjutsu - 10th Dan Honjojutsu Katori Ryu - 9th Dan Battojutsu Katori Ryu.


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Studio Image of Soke Sensei Treanor in a promotion banner for the K.M.A Association Online School for Kokido-Ryu-Ninjutsu Martial Arts.
One of many weapons used in the art of Kokido-Ryu-Ninjutsu Martial Arts founded by Soke Sensei Treanor.
Facebook Banner used on the K.M.A Association page of Kokido-Ryu-Ninjutsu.
K.M.A Association image to promote Tameshigiri-Pro for students wishing to learn this ancient art of cutting on the latest Pro Stand from Tameshigiri-Pro at
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Private Tuition
One off fee £40 per hour
One off fee £195 per year
Martial Arts Products
Between £29 - 400 per item
Gift Voucher
Between £195 - 139 per item

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  • Honjojutsu Katori Ryu, Level 1 (Martial Arts Scholarship School)


Featured review

Inspiring! ”Life changer”

Highly recommend for anyone wishing to learn a Martial Arts not an excuse for one. Can’t get enough of this style of Ninjutsu, and practice at every opportunity. When I first heard of this style, I thought yeah! “What Ever” I’ll stick to what I know like MMA or Jujitsu, but was convinced I should give it a go. “Holly Moly” Glad that I did, and Sensei Treanor is unbelievable both in the way he teaches, and also how he moves. My advice is to give it a go and stop thinking about it like I did, cos your missing out.
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“Excellent Organisation” highly recommend.

I have been a member of the KMA Association for some years now, and have always held this organisation with the highest praise, both in professionalism and service.
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Just incredible! Brilliant style

This is by far the best swordsmanship school bar none. No frills no spills, direct and fast with as much traditional teachings from a Master of the sword, Sensei Treanor. I never thought It was possible to move a sword with such speed and power, and with pinpoint accuracy. Unbelievable! Very impressed, and will continue to train in Honjojutsu for the foreseeable future.
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“Number One” Amazing!

I phoned the KMA Association and spoke to a Terry Lloyd who was extremely helpful and informative in my quest for information regarding KokidoRyuNinjutsu. I not only joined at a local Dojo in Torquay, but also signed up for online tuition of which I have been studying for 8 months or so now and have never looked back. It was the best decision I have ever made and have more confidence in myself and my outlook on life in general. Sensei Treanor is more than an instructor to me, he is a mentor of which I would recommend to anyone interested in the Ninjutsu Martial Arts. The style in incredible, full of information regarding theory and dynamics to study and practice both online and at the local Dojo. Studying Online gives a great way to maintain my education when working away from home. Love it, Love how it makes me feel, and would recommend this style and Sensei Treanor to anyone. “Best thing I ever done” thanks KMA Association.
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First impressions

Contacted this company as decided to join a martial arts school & had been recommended this would be a good styled to learn , the gentleman I spoke to on the phone was extremely knowledgeable about this ninjutsu, & made me feel at ease , I had a interview & I I have now had my first lesson which was absolutely amazing , my teacher Sensei Treanor is a very inspiring person & I am looking forward to my second lesson
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