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Kld Autos Ltd

London Rd, Wallington, SM6 7BJ Directions

Tel 07572 153562
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Sean's name should be hit with s at the beginning

SEAN showed me a 2k car & I said as its a diesel I'm not sure if i should get it as i live in the city&will b doin a lot of city driving&he goes well u can leav a REFUNDABLE deposit of £200 to save the car 4 urself coz he has another intrested buyer so I asked if i change my mind will i get the depo bak, he said YES u have 48hrs (depo he askt 2 b bank transferred)
24hrs later I made my decision not 2get that car, called him &said I won't get it& 2giv bak my depo &he said he'll give me a refund 4 the deposit.the effin liar Sean says 4 me 2 text him my bankacc deets&he'll give it.Bank transfers r instant so it shudv com instantly wich i msgd him about& he said he sent it wich he obvs didn't coz i didnt get anythin. 10days went i didnt get anythin from him so i call him&ask2send me a shot of the transact. the mofo says no he cant hes workin hes busy. I managd 2 get my money bak by reporting him but that doesnt excuse the fact that SEAN IS a LOW LIFE PIECE OF ...!
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