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Winston Churchill Building, Basement Gym, Winsland Mews, London, W2 1NY Directions

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Business overview

High quality private physiotherapist - musculoskeletal, orthopaedic and sports injuries. Located directly next to Paddington station, Central London, W2 1NY.

KINETIC PHYSIO is a unique, high quality sports and musculoskeletal injuries private physiotherapy service located in Pimlico / Victoria central London. Assessment and treatment is provided by an expert Australian physiotherapist with over 20 years of experience, Ms Noelene Davey.

After the diagnosis or 'crux' of the problem is established, the most appropriate treatment plan is then devised in collaboration with the client, and tailored to accommodate individual needs, lifestyles and sporting ambitions.

You should always leave your first appointment from a Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Chiropractor with a clear understanding of the the working diagnosis, the rationale behind any proposed treatment, and an indication of prognosis and an approximation of how many sessions you may need.

Privately she works alongside Jeff Murray and his team of highly experienced 'Corrective Exercise Specialists' at Ambition Health & Performance Clinic.

Products & Services

sports injuries

musculoskeletal pain

acute injuries

chronic injuries

knee pain

hip & groin pain

foot & ankle pain

shoulder pain

elbow or wrist pain

spinal pain

rib pain

injury rehabilitation

biomechanical assessments

sports injury clinics



I went to see Noelene because I was told that I might have to have both my hips replaced and I desperately did not want to do the surgery. She did a thorough and professional assessment of my condition and put me on a five exercise regime as well as refer me to another therapist for corrective exercises. A year later I still do her exercises and have avoided surgery. I wholeheartedly recommend her.
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Arthritic Ankle - great advice and support

I found Noelene to be very expert in her treatment of my very arthritic ankle. She was very good at identifying exercises and manipulation that benefited my ankle. She also was very open with me about when we had reached the limit of benefits further sessions could achieve which I appreciated - especially as I was paying for treatment myself.

She was very good at listening and talking through future treatment options with me, outside of physio, using her specialist experience. For example, orthotics which I have found very helpful.

I would absolutely recommend Noelene to others - unfortunately, I've seen plenty over the years and she is definitely one of the very best.
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Very highly recommended

I was recommended to Nolene as I had sustained a tibial plateau fracture requiring a plate, screws and a bone graft. After surgery I had 2 months of non weight bearing, 1 month partial weight bearing and am now starting the full weight bearing phase.
Nolene is very experienced with this type of injury and new exactly how to aid & maximise my treatment with physiotherapy & corrective exercise throughout the whole recovery period but most importantly, she gave me the self confidence to work hard and take control of my return to full health.
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Rescued from knee problems - wonderful, trustworthy physio

I have suffered with a dislocating knee for most of my life and Noelene was instrumental in rescuing me from it. I went to her in a bid to find a non-surgical solution. From the outset she appeared competent and knowledgeable. She analysed me from head to toe and identified 4 main problems, in stark contrast to previous physios, who focussed solely on the kneecap itself. She gave me a manageable set of exercises, which she explained clearly, highlighting key points that would make them "work". She was very encouraging and seemed genuinely pleased with my progress and dedication.
As it turned out, even with her help, surgery was unavoidable. I returned to her for rehab. Once again she was very supportive. She drew out a target plan to get my mobility back and then restored me to full strength within 3 months after my op.
I am so grateful for her help and would recommend her to anyone looking for a trustworthy physio. She knows her stuff and will certainly get you back on your feet!
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Hip problems

Noelene managed to get the last ounce of pain free mobility from my hips to enable me to enjoy a once in a lifetime holiday to San Francisco. I was impressed with her professionalism, pragmatism and compassion. Rather than stringing me along with false hope she helped me come to the realisation that it was time to get my tired hips replaced, and was completely supportive throughout the process.

Whether you need an MOT, some maintenance or a complete overhaul I recommend Noelene.
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