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excessive aggressiveness , fear aggression ,poor socialization skills , anxiety related issues , obsessive compulsive disorders .All breeds any age . behaviour & obedience

Dog training classes are both a fun way to meet other dog owners and provide the most effective behavior modification for your dog in the presence of other people and dogs, though we do also offer one to one training sessions which may be more suitable.

Our dog behaviour classes are intended to provide a comprehensive insight into common behavioural characteristics and the associated problems which are most commonly encountered and provide the opportunity for you to acquaint your dog with others in the context of behavioural modification.

All our obedience courses usually have a duration of around seven weeks, They are held in a dog friendly park , so the dog can socialize with other dogs and people .


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dog Obedience Courses




Does not know everything

I've not had my dog trained by this man but did just have an encounter with him yesterday.
I write this as a cautionary tale and give a star rating purely on my rather unpleasant but thankfully short exchange with him.
Me and my dog were walking past him in Inch Park while he was conversing with a dog owner with a beagle. My dog excitedly walked up to the beagle wagging his tail as he does with most dogs (I did try to stop him but admittedly it doesn't always work). I was told by the trainer (rather ironically, in quite an aggressive tone) that my dog was aggressive because his hackles were up.
My dog has just turned 2 years old but one thing he is not, is aggressive - not ever. However, I decided not to stay and argue the point for the sake of the beagle owner. I did do some internet research to confirm my understanding of raised hackles and, as I suspected, read that it's not a behaviour but an involuntary reaction and can be caused by several things, excitement being one of them.
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