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A holistic approach to solution-focused hypnotherapy, working with people locally in Cheshire, Greater Manchester, and from all over the world.

Stressed out?

Feeling anxious?

Maybe you are just feeling less than great and are feeling stuck.

Or do you want to stop smoking? Lose weight? Gain confidence? Maybe it's all of these things at the same time! I can help.

Without a doubt, stress and anxiety are two of the most common reasons that people seek out hypnotherapy and is at the root of so many other problems. The magic of hypnotherapy is that it helps you to create a brand-new perspective, while at the same time it enables you to find confidence in yourself.

Located in Altrincham, Cheshire just south of Manchester. In person hypnotherapy and relaxation sessions are available in clinic at Vintage Therapies, or online Zoom sessions from anywhere in the world.

The first consultation is online and always free of charge. So let’s have a quick chat and then we can get you scheduled for a free initial consultation. After our initial consultation, you can book online sessions and packages, and from there you can start achieving your goals.

When you book your first session you will automatically receive a self-hypnosis track which is free of charge and yours to keep, as well as a complimentary lavender mist to use as an aromatic anchor during your sessions.

My approach to stress reduction takes a multifaceted, but natural approach to address your overall health and wellbeing.

Together, we will create a bespoke plan, tailored just for you, and break through any issues you might be having to finding that happy, healthy version of you that I know is in there. We can get your mojo back.


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  • Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council Registered Practitioner (00000065-L19)


  • Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (00000065-L19)
  • General Hypnotherapy Register (8395)
  • Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapists (1403)


Positive Subconscious Changes

When I first approached Judi I felt pretty hopeless day to day, really struggling to cope with straightforward interactions at work and with family. Working with Judi using hypnotherapy subtly shifted how I managed everyday experiences. I became confident and more able to make healthy decisions concerning family and work. This happened without having to delve deep into past upsetting experiences. The focus was on the present and the future. The hypnotherapy brought about a subconscious shift leaving me feeling positive about many aspects of my daily life. I am incredibly grateful that I found and worked with Judi and I highly recommend her.
31 Dec 2022
Thank you so much, it was a joy working with you!
31 Dec 2022
Thank you so much, it was a joy working with you!
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Judi is amazing brillant

Amazing experience
Judi was totally brilliant
Would recommend to anyone looking for help
For me it had brilliant results
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Thank you Judi

Thank you, Judi, for helping me find the path to managing anxiety and stress. You have helped improve my mindset which has helped me be the mom and wife that my family deserves. I hope others looking for peace find you and embrace Relax Baby! Life is meant to be easy and we need to be reminded of that. Judi helped me do just that!

Judi, I appreciate your professionalism and ability to connect with what I truly need. Your personalized approach made me feel understood and hopeful. Hypnotherapy with Judi has given me new found freedom!
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Excellent service for everyone!

One word, WOW. Judi is a fantastic hypnotherapist. She worked with me on several issues I was suffering with, and I can truly say she has transformed my life. I now have the tools to deal with when the unexpected hits me and how to calm myself.

If you are curious or even a little sceptical, just take the plunge and be amazed at the results! You are in safe and reliable hands with Judi.
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Judi put me at ease

I saw Judi to help me with several issues, in particular, my fear of enclosed spaces.
Judi put me at ease from the very first session and I like the way she explains about the brain and how hypnotherapy works.
I never imagined how much Judi’s sessions would help me and I have the added bonus of a recording I can listen to whenever I need to relax.
I have recommended Judi to lots of people I know.
Thank you so much, Judi, for what you’ve done for me.
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