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Worst Shopping experience Ever

I would certainly like to see this CCTV footage you refer to.........................Firstly, on my first visit to your shop, I tried on 2 dresses in total, I was in your shop for a maximum of 50 mins as I had an appointment in the hospital, it was only on passing that I noticed your shop, regrettably!! Secondly, on my return visit which was 11 days later, there was no one except myself at the till area, in the 20 minute wait one customer actually came in and left again without any staff even realising that she had been there, I had actually thought to myself that as none of your stock is security tagged I or anyone could have walked out with anything and no one would even have noticed (you seriously need to consider tagging your items). However when I was eventually seen to the attitude that I received from your staff was disgusting and down right rude. For a shop assistant to stand and smirk in a customers face and reply to every comment and question from the customer with the same repetitive statement ("you picked it, you loved it") while doing so, is totally unacceptable, and I for one would not stand for any of my employees treating any of my clients like this, but funnily when I posted this experience on a few social media sites on the day, as I was that annoyed with my treatment, I actually received 3 replies from others who had had been treated very similarly to myself in your store. In the current economic climate, customers are your lifeblood, without them you don't have a business, so maybe a staff training day on customer service and some basic manners wouldn't go amiss!
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Wonderful service. Thank you girls!

With the help of our CCTV and shop diary, the following is a clearer picture of the situation described above.
This customer entered our shop on the afternoon of Saturday June 22nd, accompanied by a male companion. Over the next one 1 ¾ hours, dresses were selected, tried, shortlisted and finally a choice was made on which both agreed. They then paid for the purchase, thanked Diane who had assisted throughout and left.
To suggest the lady was intimidated is nonsense. Had that been the case, her forthright partner who was involved at every stager of the sale , would certainly have intervened. Three weeks later the lady returned alone. The shop was busy on both floors with a bridal party waiting around the till desk whilst the mother’s outfit was being wrapped. As soon as that sale was completed, within a period of five minutes, the returning customer was immediately dealt with.
She had correctly stated in her complaint, that having since changed her mind about her June purchase, her request to return same was refused. This decision she found most annoying.
It is our shop policy not to exchange garments personally selected. Jourdan supplies garments for the special event in peoples lives and we feel that our customers are entitled to believe that their valued purchases have come directly from us and not via a lengthy period in third party homes.
Finally, as none of us work on commission, our sole interest is making sure each customer receives the best of professional attention whilst with us, and afterwards shines on her memorable day.
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Worst Shopping Experience

What has happened to after sales service these days, I recently purchased quite an expensive item from this store, given that most of their range is for an older clientèle, i did manage to find one thing in the store which was a bit younger, the shop assistants bent over backwards to help me supplying me various hats and headpieces (very expensive, and I did find it a bit intimidating at times, like you were being backed into a corner to buy) , whilst choosing the item I had made it quite clear that I was not 100% sold on the item and that I had another item in a different shop in mind. Even though I had made this clear to 2 shop assistants at no point did they inform me that you could not return the item let alone get a refund. When I did return to the store to return the item after waiting for 20 minutes to be seen, even though there was only one other customer in the shop and 4 staff members I was treated with complete and utter disrespect, when i enquired as to the returns policy as I could not see it displayed anywhere in store nor on receipts as these are hand written, the shop assistant lifted a collection box and point to a piece of paper taped to the counter, how any customer is expected to see this when it is clearly hidden out of sight is beyond me. The shop assistant then responded to every comment i made and every question I asked with the same sentence "you picked it, you loved it" whilst smirking and laughing at me to the point where I had to leave the shop in tears. I have never in all my life been treated so badly, and made to feel so small in front of staff and customers. I would not recommend shopping here or at least if you do ensure that you are entirely happy with your purchase as they do not want to know you after they have your money. I found the whole experience to be very upsetting and demeaning and the stark contrast of attitudes on both visits was astounding.
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