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Johnny Childs Senior Acupuncturist at Kite Clinic: What we do is different, and it is this difference why we are the most talked-about acupuncture practice in the UK.

Johnny practises Five-Element Acupuncture, which stands alone from all other styles. This style of acupuncture and its understanding of life, teaches us that every human being has an innate ability to self-heal and return to full health. Our responsibility as practitioners is to help our patients awaken this natural response.

What we do is different, and it is this difference that has helped Kite Clinic become the most talked-about acupuncture practice in the UK.

Five-Element Acupuncture is different to other schools of thought, in that your symptoms are simply seen as alarm bells of distress and a welcome signal that we are being made aware that something is wrong. Rather than try to silence a symptom, we find the cause. We can’t treat symptoms, we can only treat people, and we know from our extensive experience and acknowledged success that when we see the patient as a unique individual, this personal focus fuels the potency of our treatments and effects a cure.


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  • Complementary Therapists Association
  • The Acupuncture Academy
  • The Association of Five Element Acupuncurists


Featured review

Johnny Childs

I first went to see Johnny when I was trying to get pregnant in my mid-forties. Within a few sessions my short cycle had lengthened, which was a good start. I think a number of things contributed to my getting and remaining pregnant, but I believe the acupuncture was important – at the very least it helped me feel well, which must be good. There was no question I’d carry on seeing Johnny afterwards: the acupuncture helps me feel balanced – clearer and more positive and energetic. Three months ago he treated me for the massive sweats I'd been having every night – from that day I haven't had another. He always listens carefully and seems to be interested in what I say, and he gives me very good advice about all sorts of things – I don't know whether that's actually part of his job. I often feel embarrassed by how little I know about the theory of five element acupuncture; somehow I just fell into it, and I've carried on because it really does seem to work for me.
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Excellent all round support for secondary infertility & miscarriage

Johnny is incredible. Navigating secondary infertility & miscarriage was frustrating, upsetting & felt hopeless at times, then I was recommended to see Johnny & something shifted. His kindness, compassion & clear depth of knowledge immediately settled me. The whole body approach made so much sense & I felt a real change in myself even after just the first treatment. I’m am delighted to say that I’ve just given birth to my daughter & I really believe that she is here in part because of the treatment I received from Johnny. I would recommend him wholeheartedly & hope to carry on seeing him postnatally & beyond.
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Outstanding Profrssional


Johnny is an exceptional professional. His work contributes tremendously to my well being. I feel fortunate to have found someone that truly understands what I need in any moment.
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Johnny always knows what I need to put me back on track

Johnny has been my acupuncturist for nearly 7 years. Over that time he has helped me through many periods of stress, break ups, digestive issues, addiction and most recently a huge career change. Whenever I sit down with Johnny and tell him what's up, he always seems to know the best way to put me back on track. I can't recommend him highly enough.
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Best in class

Johnny comports himself with the highest professional standards and has been an amazing support over the past year. I would highly recommend Johnny to anyone.
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