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Returns & Ex-Dispay - To include Home Furniture, Electrical Appliances, Digital Items, White goods, Luxury Assets, Commercial and Residential Properties and Cars, Motorbikes

Seized and repossessed vehicle auctions via government, police and court enforcement.


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Truly awful lot item.

Purchased some Bonsai paper shredders recently. New and boxed. AVOID< AVOID< AVOID!!!!!!!!!!!!
The are absolutely useless and 100% NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. Without doubt, the WORST product that I have purchased. They truly are awful.
I bid on a lot of 3, 1 for myself and 2 to sell. Needless to say, I shall be binning the other 2.
This is not a complaint regarding the auction, just an advisory for anyone considering bidding for this item here or purchasing elsewhere.
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well, so i bought pretty normal amount of lots to be able to give honest review, at the start things seemed nice, i left one review somewhere of one star because of their customer service and charges and delivery time, although was about to change to 3 starts as things are not that bad, i got couple cheap items not up to expectations but it was alright not loss anyway,
TV console worth 99£ on the internet!!!! OMG im so so frustrated to not listen to other reviews and thinking eh maybe its okay, worse part i waited for one month for it to arrive!!! and its wrong it gonna take another month for them to get back if and if its gonna happen, and then another month or who knows how long to send me right unit
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Placed an order for 18 lots (approx 780 pounds), only 16 arrived 3 weeks later, ALL with physical or electrical damage, none of the units are working and are hazardous to use... Shocking.
Boness site had no response just copy past that they are not liable for anything they are sold:

[email protected]

Thank you for your message regarding invoice 100317/EDIN517. We do offer viewing for you to check any goods before bidding on them every Monday between 8am and 12pm.

Unfortunately, all goods are sold as seen as shown at all parts of the bidding process and the Terms & Conditions you sign up as per below:

This is a Public Auction, not a consumer/retail sale - Lots inc. second-hand, returns, ex-display and damaged goods, sold as they lie - Public Viewings are recommended.

Please follow this link for further information:
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Dishonest Auctioneer

They are not honest auctioneers they hide the fact something is broken by taping the box and taking photos from angles that dont show the damage. The customer service is atrocious they call you to just wind you up more telling you that we are an auction not a retailer. They use to do group auctions where you bought several of the same item now they are all separated as they discovered they can make more money so how is that not like retail. There are better auction houses out there like the saleroom and ibidder. Avoid the disappointment and go elsewhere.
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30 items bought. 3 Missing. Majority faulty.

The vast majority of items were either missing altogether, missing from their boxes or faulty.

The customer service was abysmal. They do everything they can to avoid having to communicate and refund customers. Avoid.
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