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Business overview

I have been working as a professional Luthier (a maker & repairer of stringed musical instruments) for over thirty eight years now. I design & build my own range of stringed Instruments to custom order (please see website) & offer a full repair & restoration service for all acoustic & electric stringed instruments including: Violins, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Mandola, Bouzouki, Banjo, Ukulele, Early Stringed Instruments.

As a Guitar repairer I carry out all major structural work including full rebuilds, replacement soundboards, backs, cracked ribs, necks, fingerboards. To broken heads, cracked tops, loose braces, refret & fret dressing, all set-up work, replacement bridges, bridge pins, custom compensated bone nuts & saddles, replacement machine heads, custom inlays, rewires & new pickup installations acoustic & electric, resprays & all minor cosmetic work considered.

As a violin restorer I offer replacement bridges & bridge refitting, new strings, cases, bows & numerous accessories. New sound-posts or resetting, tailpiece & tailgut replacement, new fingerboards or scraping, neck resets, top & back regluing, cracks glued & studded, peg refits & replacement sets, peg-bushing, top & bottom nut replacement. Cosmetic lacquer retouching & rosin removal, cleaning & polishing.

If you require a quote, please email or phone to arrange a visit to the workshop with your instrument. At either [email protected] or phone 07776 091841.

The slideshow below illustrates both examples of my work as an Instrument maker (in the first ten images), then the following twenty, showcase some before/after restoration projects I have undertaken over the years, including work on Guitars (electric & acoustic), Banjo's, mandolins & a variety of Violin family instruments.


These are my take on the Gibson classic F5 & A style mandolins.
Detail of duel soundhole configuration
Image 15 of John Marlow Stringed Instruments
Featuring MOP white horse inlay & arm rest, Waverly heads
Rosewood back & sides acoustic & a copy of a renaissance Vihuela based on the drawings of Michael Praetorius.
A custom design Rosette for a custom 12 string classical guitar.
Image 10 of John Marlow Stringed Instruments
Copy of the famous Francis Palmer Renaissance Orpharion.
All mahogany body with Kent Armstrong coil tapped pickup, push pull volume & tone/
One of my custom steel string guitar headstocks.
This instrument came to me from a customer in Canada, & as you can see had to be completely rebuilt as well fully refinished.
Custom inlays made to fit the existing apertures on a vintage banjo neck.
Dented Guitar side that had to be structurally repaired & refinished.
The edge of this instrument had numerous chips & dents all of which had to be touched in & colour matched.
Re-fit the neck at the correct angle, & make & fit replacement fingerboard
Image 11 of John Marlow Stringed Instruments
Filled chipped, coloured up & lacquer re-polished
Image 14 of John Marlow Stringed Instruments
Image 12 of John Marlow Stringed Instruments
Image 13 of John Marlow Stringed Instruments
Image 16 of John Marlow Stringed Instruments
Image 17 of John Marlow Stringed Instruments
Image 18 of John Marlow Stringed Instruments
The entire instrument had to be taken apart, all the joints refitted, cracks glued & studded, blocks & curfing reglued, & the neck refitted to the right height & angle, then put back together, restrung & tested.
Fingerboard extension modification
Badly damaged Ukulele soundboard, repaired & re-lacquered
This valuable Gibson Banjo/ukulele came in with a badly cracked resonator
Image 26 of John Marlow Stringed Instruments
This image illustrates where a capo has been removed from a very valuable Gibson Mastertone Banjo, then repaired & cosmetically touched in on the right.
Koa Baritone Ukulele, had a smashed back, which needed putting back together & re-lacquering

Products & Services

Acoustic & electric Guitar maker & Repairs

Structural, electrical,& finishing repairs

Bass guitar repairs & restoration

Replacement nuts & saddles

Clear, colour, sunburst custom refinishing

Guitar refrets, fret-stoning, Polishing & set-ups

custom replacement necks, fingerboards

cracked tops, backs, sides, broken heads repaired

professional Luthier

Acoustic guitars made to custom order

Acoustic Mandolins made to order

Early music instruments made to custom order

Octave mandola Maker & repairer

Bouzoukis & mandolas made to custom order

Instrument cases, spares & accessories

Banjo repairs & spare parts

Ukulele repairs & spare parts

Early music stringed instrument repairs

Instrument hot rodding & customisation work

Bowed stringed instrument repairs & restoration

Violin, viola, cello & double bass repairs

violin & viola restoration & accessories

Cello & double bass restoration & accessories

Bows, cases, strings & accessories

Soundpost replacements & resets

Violin family neck resets

violin replacement bridges & refitting

violin fingerboard rescraping & replacements

peg refits & replacement sets, beg bushing

Violin cracks & open seems rejointed

violin scratches, chips, dents & cracks touched in

Additional Pickups & electronice fitted

Top & bottom nuts replaced

Tailpieces & tailguts replaced



Thanks to John my Taylor 414 is now a great instrument - its sounds great and plays so much more comfortably after he set it up properly and repaired the electronics. Also repaired a hole in the case that is literally invisible. I now have a great guitar. Very happy.
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Excellent service!!

John is highly qualified and lives to do this work, from routine setups to major repairs. Quick and responsive, a true professional!
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Excellent job - thank you!

I am very impressed with the work John carried out on my violin. He is an excellent luthier and understood exactly what my instrument needed. A visit to his workshop showed me that he is a craftsman and has a high level of detailed knowledge and skill - he restored my instrument and my enthusiasm for playing it. John carried out the work very quickly and at a very reasonable cost! I would recommend John’s services and would have no hesitation using him again!
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Double bass upgrade

John fitted a new bridge and sound post to my bass also fret markers along the neck and fret board. His work is excellent and completed very quickly. Great communication through out the consultation process and all at a very reasonable price.
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Antique banjo repair

We had an ancient banjo which had been with the family for many years, unplayable and basically an ornament believed beyond repair.
Gave it to John Marlow who somehow straightened a distorted neck, replaced various missing parts,
re-skinned it and returned it as a beautiful working instrument at a very reasonable price.
Highly recommend this skilful luthier.
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