John Hargreaves

201 Newland Avenue, Hull, HU5 2EN Directions

   Now closed Open Monday 07:00 - 19:00


Image of John Hargreaves


Racist owner

The appliance business owner John Hargreaves’s of Newland avenue decided that my sister and I , and a family that was in front of us, who did have English as an additional language and were people of colour, could be treated in a very disconcerting way.
When his partner realised we were English she tried to explain to John… ‘No John, there not together’.
Oh how wonderful, we are English enough for them, we passed their test when they heard us speak! He did try to back track, saying he was ‘in mourning for the Queen’ and did not want to do business. This did not ring true, due to the fact my sister rang him, and on speaker phone in his car they were enthusiastic, ‘We are nearly there’ they said and his appliances were on the street. If he was shut due to being in ‘mourning’ why was this so?
I could go on about the patronising way he and his partners treated the family in front. The way he spoke to us all ,so slowly , because we couldn’t possibly understand what he was saying!
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