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I am a healing & wellness practitioner with over 25 years nursing experience combining science and spirituality to work with you holistically so you can 'Live Your Best Life'.

I am a healing & wellness practitioner with over 25 years nursing experience and this gives me a unique, wholistic, step-by-step approach to discovering how your deep anxieties are affecting you.

Together, we will connect mind, body and soul to put practical measures in place which will empower you to:

Stress less with Mindfulness & Meditation

Discover your Intuition and Purpose

Rediscover your Sensuality

Tackle the dark days

Manage your weight

Reduce Chronic Pain

Become the Ultimate You

Mindfulness and Meditation - Join me to discover:

Why we stress and/or self-sabotage? What happens when we are stressed? And more importantly, what to do about it.

Intuition & Purpose - Sick of being on the treadmill of life and just existing? Come and explore your inner world. We provide a guiding hand and safe space for you to find all the answers that lie within.

Sensuality - Feeling alone and unloved? Lacking joy, fun and that inner spark? Want great sex? Come and discover the divine Goddess within.

Anxiety, Depression & PTSD - Feeling undervalued and just want to scream?

Weight Management - Uncover your beliefs around weight. What is it that's really at the heart of your weight problem?

Reduce Chronic Pain - Unable to do the physical things you want to do? We will get to the core of your pain with an holistic approach.

Become the Ultimate You - For those ready to make the change to break those habits that are holding you back from creating the life you dream about.

Holistic medicine practitioner

Yoga and mindfulness instructor

Wellness program

Hypnotherapy service

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