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Business overview

Inner Health Clinic provides Nutrition, Colonics and Coaching in Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire to those with chronic exhaustive conditions & chronic digestive complaints.

Inner Health Clinic offers the following services in Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire: -

Colonic hydrotherapy

Nutrition Therapy

Wellbeing Coaching

Relaxing Facial Detox Massage

At inner health you will experience colonic hydrotherapy as it should be, specific, gentle, discreet, relaxing and extremely effective. I work with your body’s natural rhythm ensuring your nervous system remains calm therefore enabling you to have a relaxing as well as a cleansing experience.

My method is special in that I work in the same rhythm pattern as your nervous system and your colon. I use short & long fills as well as temperature adjustment all the while ensuring the nervous system and colon remain calm throughout. This results in the treatment being much more effective allowing the colon to expel gas, toxins and waste in a calm manner.

In contrast to popular belief, the effectiveness of colon hydrotherapy is not dependent on the quantity of water infused into the colon.

The treatment I provide will ensure your comfort and safety above all else. I only use disposable equipment so you are assured of a safe, sterile and hygienic treatment.

Other treatments I offer include Life & Wellbeing Coaching and Nutritional Therapy. Meet with a Nutritionist today to discuss your needs. I offer a FREE telephone consultation where we can discuss the best therapy for you. We welcome clients who suffer with chronic conditions like ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


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Products & Services

Weight management

Colonic hydrotherapy

Diet and lifestyle advice

Abdominal massage

Infra- red massage



Nutritionists & Dieticians

Wellbeing Coaching

Life Coaching

Nutritional Therapy

Head Massage

Holistic Therapy

Indian Head Massage

Insomnia Therapy




Stress Management

Dieting and Weight Control

Complementary Medicine



  • Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council


My experience at Ruths inner health chic i can highly recommend

Ruth is a very knowledgeable lady that puts your mind at ease , not having colonic hydrotherapy before i was quite nervous . The procedure was very gentle and even just the morning after i can feel more comfortable in the stomach area .I am looking forward to going for my next treatment as Ruth also has great advice on nutrition , this is the start of a healthy new body !
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Colonic experience with Ruth.

If you are considering a colonic then please visit Ruth!! I thought about it for a long time and now I’ve had multiple colonics with her I wish I’d had them sooner. From a complete sugar, chocolate and fizzy drink addict to a water drinking, healthy eater. Ruth put me at ease as soon as I met her and made me feel comfortable and welcome. I was suffering with low energy, bloating and gas on a daily basis and non regular bowel movements. After the first treatment I felt lighter, energised and my cravings for sugary foods and drinks had disappeared. I went to bed feeling good and woke up feeling ready for the day. It’s amazing what a colonic can do for you and Ruth is the best person to visit. If you are unsure please don’t be, without sounding dramatic it’s changed my whole outlook on what I put inside my gut. Thank you Ruth!
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Amazing results with Colonic Irrigation

After constant suffering from bloating, constipation, regular headaches and fatigue. I needed to start looking after my bowel health.
After having colonic Irrigation previously, I knew the treatment was completely safe, comfortable and felt it was what I needed to restart and look after my bowel.
After the consultation with Ruth, I booked a course of colonic Irrigation with coffee infusions, this not only cleanses the bowel and strengthens the bowel muscles, the coffee infusions help to detox the liver, which supports the digestive system.
After the first treatment I felt 200 times better, Throughout the course I followed Ruth’s after care advice, on supplements, nutrition and lifestyle changes, I’m due my third colonic Irrigation this week and my bowel has never worked better.
Ruth comes highly recommended, she is professional, knowledgeable and passionate about health, nutrition and wellbeing, and uses a holistic approach to ensure you get the best out of your treatment.
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Colonic Hydrotherapy. Physical and Mental transformation.

I would highly recommend Inner Health (Stockport) and Ruth Tansey to anyone with dietary and digestive concerns. Headaches, Weight issues, Digestive problems, etc.can be signs of internal problems. Colonic Hydrotherapy could be the answer to your problems.Operating from discreet premises you are welcomed into comfortable and unassuming surroundings. Any concerns are confidently dealt with and embarrassing thoughts/ideas approached with passion and respect. Ruth is very knowledgeable and confident in her approach and will offer, not push, advice where you may have questions. It is certainly worth a visit and ,who knows, it may transform the way you look at your eating habits. COLONIC HYDROTHERAPY may sound frightening. ..... It isn't !
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Not great

Although Ruth lovely, felt corporate. Through no fault of my own, I was admitted into hospital. A pre payed follow up was arranged. Ruth arranged for Thursday 22nd 15:15 happy to attend, but did not cancel, but then on receiving an email to change to 15:30 for the same day. Ruth then seemed quite surprised that I arrived, but could fit me in. I was given some treatment... went to the bathroom and clearly the couch was ready for the next client. I paid the full price, with a wholly “I was concerned about you”
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