Indian Veg Bhelpoori House

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Indian Veg Bhelpoori House is a restaurant that serves traditional Indian cuisine. They cater for vegetarians and can accommodate private parties of up to 20 people. They offer brown rice as well as white and serve non-dairy lassis. They cater for vegan's too. This is the perfect place to find cheap, tasty, healthy food.


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Cheap,Cheerful (and Tasty)

I always visit a Veggie Curry house in brighton and when I saw this I had to give it a go. I was not disapointed, there were 5 curries, 3 rice, Puri (Fried breads), Popadoms,Onion Bhajis, Pakora, 4 Salads, Bombay mix(es) and fresh Orange segments.
All of the curries were tasty and surpisingly spicy (Veg curries can sometimes be bland).
The price is now £4.50, so a 3 course veggie meal for 2 with drink came out at £11.50 (bargain). If you want a beer / wine you can go next door and get some (I believe at a reduced rate if you mention you are eating next door !)
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Beat the credit crunch...

You really couldn't top this place for value for money. It's a vegan indian curry buffet with five curries, three types of rice and lots of other bits like onion bhaji, popadum, roti, pakora, salads and dry snacks.

The curries are tasty but not clever. There are three potato-based curries which are fairly indistinguishable, another a bit like motor paneer except it must have been tofu, and dhal. However, when you can eat as much as you like for £3.95 you can hardly complain. It's always fresh and frequently topped up and the drinks are cheap too.

While you're tucking in you can cast your eye over the veggie propaganda covering the walls; probably more entertaining than informative. Apart from that it's very standard café decor but what else do you need? It's cheap, it's ethical, it's tasty – a guilt-free meal out in these tough times is definitely appreciated!
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delicious, cheap, and healthy (don't eat too much)

This restaurant is fantastic.

I was taken here by some friends about 10 years ago, and couldn't quite believe just how inexpensive it was.

It's a buffet set-up, with delicious vegetarian dishes, with potato, lentils, all sorts of beautifully cooked veg curries, and yummy samosas and poppadums on the side.

The place itself is very unusual, with low key decor and very functional seating etc, all topped off with the amazing posters of Indian beauty queens.

These posters show how beautiful it's possible to be when you eat veggie food, and are really entertaining propaganda.

There is a full drinks menu, with treats like lassi and exotic juices, and it's all good value for money.

It's also pretty healthy, if you avoid the fried treats which are crunchy and delicious. The curries are really mild, and are full of turmeric and other spices, famed now for their cancer-busting properties.

This food probably will make you beautiful, and may extend your life as well!
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the cheapy veggie glutton's dream

I got excited just walking there. They are open relatively late (11.30), and the last time I went they were still putting out fresh food every ten minutes or so and it was already 10.15. It is certainly not the swankiest of places by the look of it, but the combination of incredible prices (3.50 for never ending buffet of amazing and fresh curries, rices, salads, and fried goodies? yeesss please), and surprisingly friendly and accommodating staff makes it my ONE sure thing. It is where I go when I feel like rewarding myself, because I can just sit (alone or with friends, it is not intimidating to dine solo here) and simply eat like the glutton I am for as long as I want, and not feel guilty in the least! Vegan and cheap- I'm sold.
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Be Beautiful eat Veggie

The dusty neon sign outside sports the legend All you can Eat - £3.50 and its been that price for about a decade. At night its bustling will all sorts of pond life. Open 7 days a week from midday until very late evening. Its hardly surprising that the carpets dusty and the whole joint has a threadbare feel to it, bordering on the grimy. For some thats part of its charm. On the walls are large colour pix of lithe Indian actresses. Vegetarian babes who don't eat meat. Their full pouty lips and glowing complexions combine sexiness and healthy living - at least in the mind of the management. The rest of the walls have verbose propaganda about the benefits of veggie nosh. The place serves a running buffet which is good, but be warned the food is all pretty hot'n'spicy. Not scorching, tongue-sizzling and throat frying hot. But still kind of burning. If it was cooler then people would eat more and buy a lot less cooling drinks. If you can handle it hot this is a good place to tank up. Kind of like going to roadside India without leaving N1.
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