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Imber Court & Nonsuch Dog Training

4 Timbercroft, Epsom, KT19 0TD Directions

Tel 07903 868031

Business overview

The Imber Court & Nonsuch Dog Training Clubs were formed by Harry O’Neill, a retired Police Dog Handler who served with the Metropolitan Police for 20 years.

Harry specialises in all dog training from young pups, to adults with behaviour problems to agility dogs.


No weeing

No poohing

No nipping

No chewing

No on the furniture

No jumping up

Go to your bed

Like a good little pup.

No running after dogs

No forming a pack

When I call your name

You WILL come back.

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Products & Services

dog training

dog psychology

real dog training

protection work

experienced professional

Local or UK wide

1-2-1 or group sessions


One one session training method is not for everyone

I booked a two hour one to one session. I was told when I booked the session I would be given a puppy plan. Whilst the trainers method works for some, it’s not for me. I think he should inform people before they sign up to his training of the method used. I was given a dog choker by the trainer near the end of the session. A dog choker attached to the puppy’s collar, saying no and pulling the chain sharply is how I wish to train my puppy. If I had known his method I would not have signed up to the session. I worry I could injure the puppy’s neck or back. Most of the two hours was sat with the trainer talking about the history of dogs/ packs hierarchy’s and him questioning my knowledge. All his notes were hand written on a note pad. Little time was spent with the puppy maybe 10 -15 minutes and cost nearly £200. I personally did not agree with his views i.e everyone else's knowledge on training is wrong e.g vets, animal behaviourists. I think people learn from others experiences.
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Great training for our boxer

We have a boisterous boxer and went to Harry on the recommendation of people we met while walking in our local park. We’d tried a local vet based trainer but felt it hadn’t been successful and were looking for an outdoor course suitable for a large and energetic animal. We’re really happy with the results and look forward to our weekly lessons. We thoroughly recommend Harry’s approach
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Happy Dog, Worked for us

Harry may come across as harsh to some. This is not the case - his main aim is to prevent dogs from being poorly trained and therefore ending up in trouble/hurt/worse still put down for aggression through no fault of their own. He shows you what your dog will respond to given it’s natural instincts. You took your dog out of its natural pack dog environment into a human one - So you need to be confident in teaching him how to behave in our world.
If your dog is naturally very timid then this may not be the technique for them but it is fantastic for teaching your dog to respond your commands and for him to feel calm because you are providing a stable confident leadership. After several training classes elsewhere this has been the only training that has helped us to properly train our lovely boy. And he is happier than ever.
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Antiquated methods

Antiquated methods of dog training based on making your dog frightened of you. These methods are so out of date now. Please choose another dog trainer. Harry advocates shouting at your dog to make it submissive. Barbaric.
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Dont wast your money on one to one

I went to one of his induction classes , his methods were sound for group training.

He commended 1to1 for my dog that had 1 particular issue.
Said he would be with us for 4 hours , give full clear written instructions, the dog fully assessed, then full back up 24 /7 I paid nearly £200 cash For this service.
After arriving over an hour late he was with us 1hour 25mins talked to us like idiots.
Instructions were 4 scraps of A4 lined paper (from my pad) scribbled notes made on the day describing the dog pack and how people are idiots. He didn't even a working pen.

He did no assessment of issue we had come to him with , he simply went on about recall .

Our "support
recommending we pay and join his weekly class .
Totally rip off.
Complained next day, would not accept my issues at all and put phone down on me.
There was nothing in writing I paid cash so I had nothing to prove the transaction .

His classes seem OK but never ever pay for one to one it's a total rip off.
15 Aug 2016
He sounds a nightmare. We were recommended to use him by a local pet shop but will be avoiding like the plague since reading your review. Many thanks. Just goes to show one bad review equals 5 good ones.
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