Ilford Probation Office

277 High Rd, Ilford, IG1 1QQ Directions


basic human rights denied

probation officers are supposed to help people,but instead if someone has a problem,not criminal, and has their own mind,dares to speak it..then these people can have you sent to prison,probably just for the simple reason they don't like you,or your honesty..we are not animals to be trained to think how they do.and for some life is not black or white,there are many grey areas.this system only wants to deal with yes sir,no sir i'll do as, and think as i'm told tend to ruin more lives,than you actually help,you don't know the person,you don't know the circumstances except what someone else has written about cannot empathize with their feelings of lose,and are therefor unable to as you call it rehabilitate..failed to provide assessment as ordered by court,failed to give any help or seem to believe you are superior beings,and look down on anyone who disagrees with you,you have a power to imprison someone,and add to the abuse the system has caused...
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