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Our state of the art scent diffusers are designed to elevate your space and lift your mood. Experience long lasting, evenly distributed fragrance for home, car, hotel, office, Gym.

Our cold air aroma diffusers (Nebulisers) distribute pure essential oils throughout your space using air and a pump instead of water and heat. The outcome is a fragrance that is evenly distributed, travels much further and lasts much longer.

Our scent diffusers give off an amazing scent that stays strong and doesn't go away as quickly as other diffusers.

Our fragrance diffusers are very quiet and use little energy. You can also adjust how strong the scent is.

Our nebulising diffusers use cold air technology that creates a dry mist and keeps the integrity of the essential oil blends. This ensures that the natural qualities of essential oils are preserved, giving a equal scent all over your space.

Try out our high-end home and business fragrances made from natural oils that can completely change the atmosphere and lift your mood.

Fragrance for Business.

We can create beautiful smelling fragrances that can help your customers feel special and connected on a deeper level to your product. Many hotels and corporate companies have used Scent branding for quite a while now.

This is not just about making a place smell good, it's about bringing together your brand, message, and what your customers care about.

We help companies look at their brand beliefs and goals to find a message that appeals to people's senses and a specific group of people. After studying important information and doing research, we can make a special and personalized brand perfume that reflects your company and beliefs.

Scent Marketing is a technique that uses pleasant smells to create emotional connections with consumers. It involves creating a unique fragrance that directly impacts the consumer's emotions. Using fragrances along with other marketing methods can greatly improve a customer's experience and make a lasting connection with your brand.


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Products & Services

Effective in spaces covering from 10 to 400 sq mtr

Nebulising Diffuser

Silent Diffuser

Cold Air Diffuser

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Waterless Diffuser

Ultrasonic Diffuser

Essential Oil Scent Diffuser

Hotel Diffuser

Gyms Diffuser

Restaurants Diffuser

Office Diffuser

Residential Care Home Diffuser

Home Diffuser

Business Diffuser

Car Diffuser

Yoga Diffuser

Pure Essential Oil Products

Essential Oil Suppliers

10ml, 50ml,100ml, 120ml pure essential oils

Premium Fragrances

Eco bags


Pure essential oil candles

Indian boho scarves

Eco jute bags

Artisan tea

Bespoke Fragrance Design

Hemp and cotton festival hats

Wooden drums

Cotton sarongs

Consistent fragrance leaving no residue

Business Scenting Solutions

Therapeutic Benefit

Stimulate all 5 senses

Eco Friendly


Stress Management

Connection to HVAC compatible

Rewards Program


Car air freshener

Bought the car air freshener version
Fantastic little device! The car smells lovely and fresh now and much better than the old stick on ones

Well worth the money
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Imood diffuser

Pleased as punch with our new purchase. We have one in our caravan bathroom and the night light is a great added bonus! Kids love choosing their favourite colour.. the usb charge lasts for ages too. Will be purchasing another for our bedroom at home to fill with lavender. 😴
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Waterless Aroma Diffuser is Great

Recently bought A white Waterless Aroma Diffiser and absolutely love it! It’s fantastic. Love the different lights and it’s so easy to use. Can be transported easily to other rooms. No need for water. It makes a great present. In fact I’ve ordered several for friends. Makes me smile each time I see it. Highly recommended👍
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Great product! Loving my IMood!

We have a little iMood (in black) in our bathroom. It is motion sensitive and delivers a lovely smelling ‘mist’ whenever we walk into the bathroom. We currently are using a lemon essential oil which is so naturally zingy and refreshing. We have had the IMood for about nine months now and it is as good as new. The design of the product is also easy on the eye and it’s small enough to not get in the way. Lovely item. My partner has a mini one for his car too, which keeps it nice and fresh.
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Perfect diffuser, long lasting fragrance

I use my imood diffuser on my narrow boat and it’s amazing! Every time I flush the loo a squirt of my favorite essential oil is sent into the air!! The imidi350 is motion sensor diffuser and works every time there is a vibration so perfect for the bathroom and car.. love it and highly recommend!!
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