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Terrible practise

I've been going to this practise ever since I was a kid, I have only started to notice certain things which I am really not happy with. Firstly you have to book your appoints so far in advance it is ridiculous, especially since I always feel rushed during my appointments so the wait isn't really worth it. I wouldn't have minded if there was nothing wrong with me teeth, but I have been told by several other dentists that I grind my teeth when I sleep and it was damaged my teeth to a point of no return. Now this is something this dentist practise should've picked up years before, but since your appointments are never that in depth I'm not surprised it wasn't picked up. Not only do I grind my teeth, but I also have an anterior overbite which now slightly effects my speech and means my front teeth never touch. This could have been sorted in my teenage years with braces / surgery, but again it was too much of an effort to fix problems when they arise.
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honest trustworthy dentise

went to dentist for check up found out had to have a tooth out. i was so worried about this. was waiting for him to give me the injection unknown to me he already gave me 3 injection that i didn't feel. after about 10 minutes like a small pinch on my hand the tooth was out no pain at all very good trustworthy dentist would highly recommend
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Fantastic service
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