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The Home Of Classic Lighting in Yorkshire

Huddersfield Lighting Company was founded by Bertha Wilkinson in 1887, and is owned and run by the same family today.

We have two town centre premises, one at the main entrance to Queensgate Market, and our main showroom at Plantation House, Dundas Street. Here we have 1500 square feet of lighting for you to choose from.

We have always progressed with the changing times from gas and oil lighting in 1887, to the first electric lighting, and now provide every possible aspect of home lighting including the latest LED’s.

Huddersfield Lighting Company is proud to have served the families of Huddersfield, and much further afield for over a century.

Our knowledge and dedication to our customers enables us to continue providing a genuine professional service.


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Products & Services

bathroom lighting

decorative lighting

led light bulbs

reading lamps

pendant lights


standard lamps

desk lamps




light bulbs

traditional lighting

wall lights

halogen lights

garden lighting

Ceiling Lights


Floor Lamps

Led Lighting

Picture Lights

Table Lamps

Tiffany Lighting

Crystal Chandeliers

Fluorescent tubes

Brass Light Fittings

Fabric Lampshades

Glass shades



Just read your reviews, noticed you haven’t even bothered to reply. Won’t be shopping here again. Poor customer service.
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Day light robbery

My mother is disabled and asked her granddaughter to get a matching lamp for her bedroom. The lamp was a smaller one which I was willing to have,but it was broken. Her granddaughter kindly offered to return it for her and get her money back but the shop assistant refused to give her it and gave her a credit note instead. My disabled mother returned to the shop herself to see if they would give her her money back and they flatly refuse. An elderly lady with two other assistants were present in the shop at the time I asked for my money back and was offered some over priced lightbulbs instead. I told them I didn't want that many lightbulbs and that I just wanted my money back, again I was refused. I was rudely informed that if I didn't use my credit note within 12 months then it would be void. I advise you to be sure of your item that you purchase before you buy so that you don't lose your money.
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The saga continues!

Accepted no refund so ordered lampshades to be made matched to a sample of material provided by the shop. This would cost an extra £70+ on top of my £95 credit note but felt I had little choice due to no refund!! Few days later got a phone call from shop to say the fabric had come in a different shade - went back again shade not acceptable. Once again told no refund despite the shop not being able to honour the order. Went in to spend credit note on lighting I didn't really need. But at least I won't have to visit this shop again.
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Bought 8 candle lampshades matching to a sample of material when I got them home found to be wrong colour. Returned to the shop I was informed they didn't have any other suitable colours and I could not have a refund. The lady in the shop sent me to their other store in HUddersfield as she thought they had more choice - they didn't have any different candle lampshades I don't think she wanted to be bothered! Once again I was told that they didn't do refunds. The man pointed to a small notice sellotape to the till saying they didn't refund! I asked why I wasn't told this at the time of purchase - no reply. So I left with a credit note for £95. Very Dissapointing
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wouldn't shop there again

On our first visit to the shop at Queensgate market we asked for a lampshade to match a swatch of material. Not much choice, but we bought what looked like a good match. When we got outside the lampshade was a totally different colour. We went straight back in and told them. The assistant just stood there and made no comment. It was suggested we went to the other shop on Dundas lane as there was a wider choice. Since we didn't want the lampshade I was offered a credit note. After walking quite a long way in the wind and rain we found the other shop. The range wasn't any larger at that shop. Although we wouldn't have chosen any of the shades we were committed by the credit note. The shade we chose was £1 cheaper. I would have expected to be given the £1 as good customer service but oh no. I was encouraged to spend more on an overpriced light bulb. When I said I wasn't happy to do this the assistant was about to give me the lightbulb at no extra cost , but (the manager/owner?) changed it for a cheap lightbulb (worth far less than a£1, from under the counter. What a bad feelig the whole experience left us with on our first visit to Huddersfield. What a difference a £1 refund would have made to our view of this shop . We will never go there again and I suggest anyone who does is 100% sure of their purchase before making it and checks colours in natural daylight. Clearly this shop considers a sale at any cost is worth it.
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