Housing Ombudsman

Aldwych House, 81, Aldwych, London, WC2B 4HN Directions

Tel 020 7421 3800


Waste of Time

Having been in contact with the HO since 2012, I was finally putt on a waiting list of 12 long months in 2015. Not only did I have to chase up my case, the investigating officer changed a few times. I was shocked when I finally received the investigation report, which was full of errors & inaccuracies. The officer took less than 2 working days to investigate, failing to check my evidence. The housing ombudsman failed to throughly investigate my complaint, completely ignoring my evidence despite their being a clear cover up & lies told my landlord Housing for Women. Not only did they get it so wrong, they allowed the landlord to continue discriminating against us. After appealing the decision, they admitted overlooking some of my evidence & found findings of maladmistration. But this made no difference as my shameful landlord continued to ignore the Disrepairs & continued with their lies, excuses & cover ups.
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