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HILTON HUDDLE is an intelligent system of supporting the public in the management of working time and specific workplace tasks, as well as for The Hospitality Sector, such as Hotels, Leisure Zones, Universities, Colleges, Restaurants, Conference etc

The concept of personalized furniture dedicated to different work & Leisure zones takes into account all working needs from the viewpoint of architecture, investment and business. It offers an opportunity to freely define different work/leisure spaces and conditions, which has a significant positive effect on quality and performance, fosters good relations between workers, guests, members of the public, and produces a range of benefits for the enterprise over a long-term perspective. This is because acoustic comfort achieved with HILTON HUDDLE is necessary to perform working tasks reliably and without errors, and ensures undisturbed exchange of information and successful communication. Screen walls and small "oases" make it possible to physically separate oneself from co-workers, and provide privacy in the workplace and public areas alike.

Users are free to create for themselves formal and informal spaces for working, resting, or just waiting. Companies are able to arrange areas for creative or analytical teams, depending on current needs, and to model job-related clusters within buildings.

The furniture system is distinctive for the use of five basic elements (panels) which are unified with respect to dimensions and design, allowing for easy configurability of all types of furniture. The flexible elements offer an opportunity to arrange the office interior with the use of armchairs, sofas, desks, partition.


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