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Hereford Kinesiology

Kinesiology combines Western techniques and knowledge with Chinese philosophies of healing. It is an alternative therapy that looks at the whole person: the physical, psychological, nutritional and emotional aspects of us all are interrelated and an imbalance in one aspect can affect another.

‘Touch for Health’ is a particular branch of kinesiology which is practiced world wide using simple energy balancing techniques. The philosophy is that every body has the ability to self heal and the kinesiologist’s role is to gently activate muscles in order to monitor the effect of stress on the body and mind.

Many of us suffer ongoing stress and wonder why we lack energy, motivation or confidence, develop aches and pains, become anxious or overwhelmed with life, or just feel unable to move forward. It can sometimes take many years to experience such negativity by which time we feel there’s no way out. Years of negative experiences can remain with us, buried deep in our subconscious and these become issues or blocks in the mind preventing us from feeling well. In kinesiology the therapist works with you to explore what is underlying the issues you bring to the session and uses a variety of techniques to help clear or release emotions, fears, worries, or past traumas, if relevant.

The kinesiologist is always non-judgemental in a supportive and confidential role. The client participates in every aspect and needs only to explore as far as he/she is comfortable.

Kinesiology can:

Relieve pain & tension such as, neck and shoulder pain, RSS or joint pain.

Find foods which enhance your energy and those that deplete your energy!

Increase your energy levels to enjoy life to the full.

Help to reduce anxiety and stress.

Help to improve posture

Help improve coordination.

Build your self-confidence and self-esteem.

to help achieve your life’s goals.

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