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High Quality and Low Cost Hemp Products

Have you heard about Hemp? It's been proven to improve mental and physical wellness.

Herbivore Industries supplies the highest quality and best value Hemp products on the Internet.

Did you know that the Hemp industry is unregulated? That means companies don't have to be honest about how much Hemp are in their products. We make sure we are transparent in our product process, and we regularly have our products independently tested by certified labs. We then share those results with our customers.

At herbivoreindustries.com we make sure all of our products have a complete hemp profile, that means we have all of the hemp plant compounds present in our oils and balms. But why is that important? hemp has its most beneficial effects on the human body when it interacts with the other plant compounds and terpenes in the hemp plant, its called the Entourage Effect. Often companies remove the other parts of the plant, but we make sure you get everything in your products.

Head over to herbivoreindustries.com to see our selection of Hemp oils, Balms, creams and treats.


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Great Oil
I love your cbd oil, my pain is so much more bearable. I can't see it on Amazon anymore which is a shame.
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Ignoring me
Ordered my oil on their website over a week ago, no communication, no reply to emails..not happy
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I would use Herbivore Industries over any other CBD company
I've bought lots of different products from Herbivore Industries. I'm currently using their Moonlight CBD for sleep at night. I take 5 drops before bed, and it seriously knocks me out for the whole night. If you have problems sleeping then this one is great.

The company is good, they deliver fast and have a great customer service. They respond to emails within a few emails with useful advice.

Delivery is Free. Most CBD companies charge lots for delivery, so I don't use any of the other popular brands.

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Good CBD
Real good CBD. I use it for my fibro and works really well. Wud recomend.
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Good supplier
I have ordered the CBD oil from Herbivore Industries, came fast and well packaged. It was cheaper than from other suppliers and the quality from what I can tell is good.
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