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Business overview

Henwood Court are a firm of Chartered Lifestyle Financial Planners and Wealth Managers, who specialise in providing financial planning advice to senior executives, before, at, and into retirement.


Our purpose is simple. It is to be our clients’ and their families’ lifetime trusted financial partner, counsel and expert, to improve our client’s financial performance and well-being and give our clients the financial confidence, capability and encouragement to live the life they want to live today and, in the future, ensuring that their money out lives them, but equally they do not die with too much.

We believe that great financial planning can change people’s lives, give them a better ‘return’ on life through showing what is possible and encouraging action. We exist to inspire ideas, create confidence and ultimately give people freedom to live. Lifestyle financial planning is at the heart of absolutely every conversation, everything we talk about and touch with our clients.

Many of our clients are today enjoying a life or planning a future that they did not know was possible.


We understand the unique needs, challenges and problems of our clients described above and have with this experience, crafted a personalised service - Financialsense® - totally dedicated to serve their needs.


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Excellent service

Henwood Court have provided myself and my husband with a first class Financial Planning/Lifestyle Service. They have helped us identify our life aspirations and created strategies to allow us to live the life we want to live. The service that Nick and his team have provided has been excellent, nothing is too much trouble.
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