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Head Of Steam Ltd

2 Neville St, Newcastle, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 5EN Directions

Tel 0191 232 4379
   Now closed Open today 17:00 - 00:00

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Friendly Atmosphere
Late Opening
Wide Range

Business overview

Situated right across from Newcastle Central Station, The Head of Steam Newcastle has gained notoriety for hosting the best in up-to-the-minute music and is constantly recognised as being one of the best bars in the city. Combining both the bars welcoming atmosphere and warm surroundings with an emphasis on musical brilliance the Head of Steam Newcastle has proved a popular breeding ground for talent including early appearances from bands including the Arctic Monkeys, Maximo Park and The Futureheads.

The upstairs bar was refurbished in September 2015, and is packed with great craft beers, cask ales, sharing bottles, and beers from across the globe!


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Hidden Gem

Love the place. Great atmosphere, quick service and a fantastic selection of drinks. Reasonably priced overall but some items can be on the pricy side. There's something for everyone. Always found the staff friendly and helpful.
17 Mar 2022
Thanks for the great review - Yell lives after 14 years!
17 Mar 2022
Thanks for the great review - Yell lives after 14 years!
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Head of Steam!

Good pub with friendly staff that always seems to fill up no matter what night you visit. Located just opposite the train station it's got two levels to it.

The main bar upstairs is always open, and although it's a weird shape, always manages to serve great beers in a cool atmosphere.

The second bar downstairs is usually open later and weekends and is where all the live gigs are played. It's a really cosy and intimate venue and gets some small but exciting acts from both local and further afield. Sometimes the sound isn't so good down in the basement but it's dimly lit charm just about makes up for it.

Try it on a Saturday night!
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Good, sometimes.

I find that The Head of Steam is like Marmite. You either love it or you hate it. They often have live bands playing which is a definite up side to the place. The down side is that I just don’t like the place. I get no enjoyment from being in the building and there’s nothing much to excite me. The drinks can be way too over priced and I’ve seen a few unfriendly members of staff here. Still, maybe it’s for you but it just isn’t for me. There’s a hundred other places I’d rather be apart from on special occasions. And believe me, those occasions are rare.
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The Head of Steam is situated just opposite Newcastle’s central station and is a perfect place to have a drink and see some great live music.

There are two main floors within the Head of Steam. The upstairs with a large bar containing an incredibly varied supply of international beers, I know I have discovered a new favourite lager during visits there. The downstairs is the main area where live music is played. There is also a bar downstairs with some great drinks on. The acts that play at the head of steam vary from local to international and it provides a platform for newly formed artists as well as already established bands.

All in all excellent pub, highly recommended.
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Upstairs are the beers, downstairs the noise


I love the Head of Steam. Love it. You go in through the front door, and immediately you have to start making decisions. Do you go upstairs, or downstairs, into the girls loos or the boys, or stand where you are and block the bloody door for everybody. Choose one, and quickly, because people will be annoyed it you block the door for too long.

The general plan should be to head upstairs, finding out the dates for all the local gigs from the posters on the walls, and then order yourself a beer from the vast range at the small bar. They always have a good selection of local and international beers, with the fridges having such gems as Chimay, and the taps a good selection of ales, bitters, lagers and ciders. Last night I had a rustic style cider (spelt cyder, possibly in a cunning yokel marketing manner) which has blackberries in it. Delicious, and a lovely blush colour too. There’s plenty of space, and seats, and now that the smoking ban is in, it’s a great spot for a quiet evening beer. It gets very busy some night however.

Downstairs from the main entrance is a low room, with limited amounts of lighting and another small bar. It’s generally very dark, with red lighting being used quite often giving your photos a strange “shot in the dark room” look about them, and I’m pretty sure its only open when there are gigs on. The music played in here is generally in the folksy/indie/experimental bracket, but if a DJ started scratching up some drum’n’bass I wouldn’t be surprised. Nothing surprises me in this place.
The beer range isn’t quite as extensive, but you can bring pints upstairs/downstairs without any hassle.

The last two options for the front door are less appealing, unless the ladies loo is a halcyon paradise of fresh linen and zesty citrus notes, but I’ve never been in. The mens loo is oppressively hot, smells very strongly of wee, and generally has had local yoof scribbling their names and morons tags across the walls. It’s the danger of having a loo you can get to from the street.

Ignoring the gents, The Head of Steam is a brilliant pub. It’s not a bar, it’s definitely a boozer. Please don’t ask for some silly cocktail, they staff will only look a bit confused, but give the imported cherry beers a go, and stick about for the music to start, you should be in for a good night.

NB: the man in the photo is local musician John Egdell. You can buy his frankly brilliant CD on Amazon, and if you drink in the Steamer long enough, you’ll see him play more than once.
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