Greenleaf Landscapes

64 Highfield Road, Clitheroe, BB7 1NE Directions

Tel 01200 406437


Poor and rushed

Can’t estimate quantities or cost accurately.
Our job was £3,500 fixed price, £3,700 max. Came in at £3556, but without a £600 pergola
Poor, rushed, slapdash.
Can’t cut curves. One curve was straight in part. I had to mark out a curvewhich was re-cut.
Wanted golden gravel @£100/t, arrived to find river gravel @£40/T
No edging around gravel. Had to install edging myself to keep the gravel in place.
Edging setts along one edge of gravel laid below gravel level. These had to be relaid.
I have two flags that are moving already-supposed to be on mortar bed.
2 edge setts are rocking.
Some flags are mortar stained on the edges.
Pointing poor, some joints full some barely pointed
Been back twice to fix issues.
One issue still not solved Despite repair- A curve of setts is moving and pointing cracked.
Can’t keep appointments
No invoice or quote
Broke 2 glasses didn’t say. found glass near toddlers sandpit.
Snuck two Large flags in van without asking.
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