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The basic idea of Johann Grander's method is to strengthen the water's self-cleaning and resistance by improving its water structure and stabilizing the water's immune system.

The core element of GRANDER® water revitalization is water. The active medium in the GRANDER® water revitalization units, referred to as "information water", is water with a very high internal order and stability - produced according to the special process and knowledge of Johann Grander.

Due to its high internal order, this informational water is capable of transferring nature-conforming information and vibrations to inanimate water without even coming into contact with it. This way, water is naturally stabilized and biologically upgraded.

Johann Grander's goal was to make the properties of the living water - with all its positive effects for humans, animals and plants - transferable to every water. For the benefit of all those who drink it and use it in their everyday lives.


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Featured review

Fantastic company on every level

The technology that Grander uses is simply groundbreaking. I tried their bottled water, pendants, and energy boards. I tested these in all sorts of DIY ways in order to rule out placebo effect.

Pendants are certainly improving the mood, energy levels are higher and the efficiency, whether in physical or intellectual efforts, is increased. I first got a pendant for myself, and then got three more as a gift for a few folk. They have all noticed a tremendous improvement in the way they were feeling.

The energy boards are equally effective. I noticed that water tasted same like water I was drinking straight from mountain springs in the Alps. A few folk began to drink more water than normal, because they used to be one of those people who just don't have any thirst. My dog also drinks from a bowl now, instead of waiting for rain water to fill in cavities in the back garden. Flowers speak for themselves, same as fruit I keep on the board.
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Fantastic water solution system

Grander water revitalization system is a great and all encompassing water solution systems. It's refreshes the skin and cleanses the gut. Once used drops of the blue water to get rid of conjunctivitis from my daughter's eyes. Great taste as well and hit my family drinking more water daily!
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Visible improvements in my health

Visible improvements in my health and productivity due to the water flushing my systems of any impurities which lower my immune system's resistance against viruses and sickness. Would recommend to others!
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A first class product from a top quality business.

A first class product from a top quality business. Grander is a superior quality water. It transcends things like filtration, ionisation and descaling etc. It goes beyond into revitalising the water itself and thereby, everything the water comes into with both within, outside and around the body. A truly first class breakthrough product.

Grander is second to none in the home and in commercial applications. It works at a very deep molecular level and harnesses things like positive energy and water structure and positive memory! Really takes water quality to a whole 'nother level.
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