Govan Hydroponics

134 Helen St, Glasgow, G51 3JS Directions

Tel 0141 328 9069
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Business overview

Glasgow and The West Of Scotland's Newest Hydroponics and Grow Technology Outlet. If you found us on please can you mention this when you come in-store.

At Govan Hydroponics, you can find a live display centre with numerous options, including: Nutrient Film Technique, Ebb & Flow, Top Drip, Aeroponic, Ultrasonic Fog, Coco Fiber, Rockwool, Hydrocorn, Deep Water Culture and Soil less Mix. Organics are our other specialty. We focus on certified organic soil and certified organic coconut fiber, as well as a myriad of organic nutrients and amendments.

We provide the best tools available to the market. Whether it is a charcoal carbon air filtration system, ozone filtration, L - Amino acid based plant amendment, beneficial bacteria for a plant’s root system, natural plant steroids or the most advanced agricultural lighting systems, we have it.

From simple to elaborate systems, Govan Hydroponic's brings the best the world has to offer to your growing endeavors. Our knowledgeable staff are ready to help you make your growing experience a positive and rewarding part of your life!


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Just finihed my 1st CBD oil and CBD vape liquid very impressed..
I have Fibromyalgia,, carpal tunnel in both wrists and tennis elbow both elbows.. all of which are painfull conditions.. And depression and anxiety and on and off shingles..Over past few years i have tried various makes an strains of CBD oil CBD liquid of which i have had mixed results..
The type and strength available in shop in govan is best i have had.
The dropper for under tongue i and is easy to take and tastes a bit like cold tea and the vape liquid is easily mixed in my E-cig and and flavour and strenth of any vape oil..
Am not saying it a miracle cure but it signifacantly takes edge of all my above conditions and has calming effect allowing me to get on with my day...There is no THC in any of these products only CBD and terpines
I would recommend this to any one any age
This is my 1st review i have ever done and i will be continuing to use both products
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great wee shop..!

Great shop.. iv bn there several times+the guy(mick) serving -has bn very helpful every time..!
Anything you nd to grow indoors..e.g.;tomatoes),can be got here at reasonable prices..!
Highly recommended,better price+service than 'glasgrow' in the toon..!
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Not grew anything in 25+ years

Very helpful indeed, spent a good 30 mins talking to owner about soils,coco,hydroponics,lighting,pots and nutrients. Felt very confident about returning to this hobby/interest after talking to the owner,he reasured me that if I needed any help or advise that I only had to pop into the shop, THANKS GOVAN HYDRO !!!!!
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Very Helpful

Went in for my dad as he lives out of Glasgow and there are no local shops of this type near where he lives. The owner was very friendly and helpful throughout and was able to advise best on what would assist my dad best with his vegetables in the coming months as he gets ready to plant new bulbs/seeds etc in spring and how to ensure the best from his tomato plants in the greenhouse which have failed to ripen properly in the last 2 years of growing. All in all, I would highly recommend this shop to all and prices are reasonable.
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