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Perfect service

Hi , I recently adopted a cat called gem from Cheltenham animal shelter , the people who work there are very nice and you can tell how much they love whot they are doing and how much they care for the animals there . Thanks
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Had emailed to book an appointment to view a dog. Received an email back confirming an appointment and advising to turn up about an hour after opening as the person we needed to see was doing an adoption discharge. Absolutely fine - no problem with this.

When we arrived today (Sunday) we were advised (after a long wait) that viewing was on a "first come, first serve basis". There were people in front of us (also interested in the same dog - Millie - so basically our appointment was worthless. Missed out on giving a home to a lovely little dog! Extremely disappointed and upset.

So - word of warning - AVOID this place. I will now look to The Blue Cross in Burford who were exceptional when my mum adopted her cat from there. Blue Cross were very professional which certainly cannot be said of Cheltenham Animal Shelter. The place is a shambles with no communication whatsoever!
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Don’t get your hopes up.

Myself and my partner were told we are suitable owners for adoption. However, four weeks later and 6 visits down the line a different welfare officer has informed us that the previous re-homing officer was wrong. Although I understand this is in the pups best interest, I find it unbelievably hard to understand why this person did not contact us by phone to raise her concerns after our first visit. Myself and my partner have formed a huge attatchment to the little pup after this amount of time and were expecting to pick him up this weekend. If we had been informed correctly in the first place, we wouldn’t have missed out on work, formed an attachment nor would be so upset now.
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Let down

Wanted to rehome a dog which we put a reserve on, were then left with completing a home check but the staff were 'busy' or 'had to fit it around lunches' we were then contacted by the manager who abruptly informed us that unless we rehomed within 14 days of the reserve we weren't allowed the dog! (surely a few days doesn't matter if the dog is getting a good home) she then went on to say that other dogs were waiting for that place in the kennel and would be terminated if we couldn't take ours out (guilt trip). We were told different stories about his time in a foster home some said it was a week some 1 day (we found out from the person it was one night and they couldn't cope with him)
Our dog wasn't castrated and after we demanded it be done we were told it can make their behaviour worse so they weren't prepared to do it (they did but only 3 days before we took him home, fun) and he came to us with a parasite in his gut which took 2 weeks of granuals to get rid of (luckily it went)
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They only want you to rescue the dogs they pick.

Absolutely terrible let down. Seen a dog we liked, then told we couldn't have him but could have this other dog (donino) was told we just needed to find accomdation for him during our working hours and we could adopt him.
Got home, rung my boss, partner rung their boss, sorted out a accomdation. Told the neighbours, got extremely excited.
Got a phone call the next day saying we wasnt allowed him as he needed a home with a dog already which was absolutely Not told to us during the interview.
Spoke to Erica regarding her lying and putting us on a wild goose chase to find accommodation which we did for nothing and she said she wasnt the dog handler so she didnt know what the dog needed. So unprofessional, it's scary these people looks after animals!
My advice; dont go to Erica. She will ADMIT she has no idea what she's doing as she doesn't even handle the dogs. Complete waste of time.
Im a home willing to rescue, they are a rescue centre, ive been rejected twice for no reason durin
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