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Geyser Water Filters provide exceptional water filtration for homes & businesses. Once installed, our solutions remove the majority of impurities and hardness - 100% automatically.

Not all water filters are created equal. Not at all! So how exactly are Geyser Water Filters different? Well...

We cater to homes and businesses that are truly interested in much cleaner, softer water. And importantly, once installed our solutions work 100% automatically.

Unlike water softening solutions that soften water but don't remove impurities (they actually add sodium which means you shouldn't drink it), and unlike standard water purification solutions that only clean the water - our solutions do both!

You get much purer water with hardness removed. And - very importantly, unlike reverse osmosis systems that take out the good and the bad from the water (while still leaving in hardness), our solutions remove impurities while leaving in beneficial minerals. So you get much fresher, cleaner water, that still tastes great.

Our two leading solutions are:

The Eco Under-Sink Filtering System - this installs under your sink (typically in your kitchen) and automatically removes impurities and hardness. Again, since beneficial minerals are left in the water, you quite literally get mineral water on tap!

The Typhoon Whole-Home Filter System - this attaches to your mainline and automatically removes impurities and hardness from all water that flows into your home (or into your business). This means much cleaner and fresher water for cooking, bathing, and washing. Plus, no more limescale build up!

So who exactly are "Geyser Water Filters"?

Well, we're new to the UK, but have been in business since 1986, have millions of happy customers around the world (in particular in Europe and Asia), and provide filtering solutions to consumers, businesses, industry, and water filtration plants.

Our water filtering technology is some of the highest quality, most effective and powerful solutions available. Our solutions fit standard sizes (10 BB, 20 BB...) and work quickly - even - at up to 50 litres a minute. Get in touch for more details.


This system installs under your sink and automatically filters both hot and cold water. The vast majority of impurities and hardness are removed, while leaving in beneficial minerals. Simply put - this filtering system quite literally gives you mineral water on tap.
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The typhoon attaches to the mainline of your home and automatically all water that flows into your home. It removes the vast majority of impurities, and also removes the hardness. This means no more limescale build up, and much fresher, cleaner water throughout your home.
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Quality product

Highly recommend this filter

Will P on Jul 10, 2018

I've had the Eco for nearly two years and would say it's definitely one of the best purchases I have ever made.
I noticed the difference within 3 months when my kettle started to clean it self, the limescale was reducing very quickly and I hadn't cleaned it. Having purer, fresh, mineral rich water on tap is great, we have changed the filter 3 times so far but we do have a household of six. My kids won't even drink bottled water out they always take a bottle with them from home.
I would highly recommend the Eco to any family.
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