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Gerald Fentler - Harp Servicing and Repair

Harp service, repair and restoration - any kind - any make

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Even modern harps need sometimes more serious work other than repair to scratched or chipped varnish. This might be replacing of the neck, the sound board, re-fitting of the body base, or work to the action.

Depending on frequency of use, a CONCERT HARP should have a service at least every three years, or when you notice any of these symptoms:

> Buzzing sound of a string in 'natural' or 'sharp' position.

> Pedal wraps coming loose or showing badly worn areas.

> Hard sound of the pedals when returning from 'sharp' to 'natural'.

Currently there are the following second hand harps available - please contact me for price information:

- CAMAC K31 Folk harp - 31 strings, 5th Oct. F to 1st Oct. A, fully levered.

- 30-String Wire Strung Harp - based on 16/17th c Kildare harp, brilliant bell-like tone.

- Erard Grecian Style Pedal Harp = 43 strings, soundboard replaced and surfaces restored in the past, gilding newly touchd up, beautiful tone.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Email me: gerald@gfharpworkshop.co.uk


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An excellent Harp Technician who deserves wider recognition

I'm delighted with the service that Gerald carried out for my 8 year old Lyon and Healy 85 SG. He is clearly very meticulous and skilled as my harp is now sounding and feeling the best it has for around 5 years. I highly recommend Gerald if you are looking for an excellent harp technician who takes time and care over your instrument (and doesn't have a number of other harps to service the same day) and who charges very reasonably and only for the work that is needed.
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Expert harp restorer -worth the long trip from the far East of the UK!

I took my 198 year old harp to Gerald to check and carry out some basic maintenance. He assessed it very thoroughly, and measured every string to check the gauge was correct for that harp. A lot of the strings were the wrong gauge for that harp. Gerald moved them where possible, replaced them as necessary and it has made a huge difference to the sound of the harp.
He also rewrapped the pedals and made some adjustments to the tuning pegs.
I was very pleased, and had complete confidence that Gerald did a thorough job, with great attention to detail.
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Excellent and thorough harp service

Excellent and thorough harp service. I was very pleased with the work Gerald did on my harp.
It was very good value. Many thanks again.
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Harp Repair

GF Harp Workshop provides an excellent service - be they emergency repairs or major overhaul work and servicing. Attention to detail is second to none. Would highly recommend.
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