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Think before you whinge.

Firstly I will say I have bought very little from this shop. However, I felt I must write a review in defence of the superb staff and owner of this store after reading a review placed by an, obviously, ignorant person complaining of a price change on an item when he arrived in store compared to the price on line. He was privileged to be offered a discount to meet him, more than, half way to the on line price. Trading standards will tell this " gentleman " the same as I, which is, Mr. Fawcett would have been well within his legal rights to simply withdraw the " offending " item from sale. It was, in actual fact, quite magnanimous of the store to offer any discount at all due to an oversight on the accuracy of advertised price. Would the moaner go to work and forego his salary because of a mistake inadvertently made by someone else ? The team, Mr. Fawcett in particular, are always a pleasure to deal with and more than patient, helpful and knowledgeable. Retail is a very difficult trade.
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BEWARE. I rang to check stock availability on a website item advertised at £42.99 incl VAT and fortunately there was one in stock which was set aside for me so I set off on a 15 mile journey to collect it. By the time I had got there they had changed the price to £59.99 citing website update problems and that the price was always that but the website was wrong. So I went online to realise they had also changed the website price aswell! Unbelievable, knowing full well I was on my way to collect it. After refusing to pay this new amount they offered to ‘meet me half way’ for £50. No chance! This error was YOUR fault so you should have accepted the responsibility and taken the hit at least for good customer relations. I was planning to purchase a few other bits aswell whilst I was there but I shall certainly not be setting foot in there ever again. Enjoy talking to trading standards when they call and I will look forward to telling this tale to my friends at the shoot.
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Simply, The Best of the Best for all Country sports. Service, support and experience perfect!!
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Game Fishing advice and products

Initially I thought Fawcett's would be expensive, too old fashioned and somewhat elitist, but on entering and engaging the staff in converstaion those preconceived ideas evaporated quicker than a shower in a Jamaican summer.
The advice I obtained from Jonathan and Geoff, who are both very experienced game anglers, was absolutely superb. Forget the internet, if they don't have it in stock, they'll get it fast and it will be cheaper too.
My 8-year old daughter's queries were also treated seriously too.
If guns are your forte, then look no further than Stephen Fawcett himself. I saw an excellent range of items related to game and target shooting.
They also stock clothing and giftware.
Please support this local business, with it's rare to find excellent customer attention, care and realistic advice.
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