Evergreen Chop Suey House

7 Priory Rd, Framwellgate Moor, Durham, DH1 5JG Directions

Tel 0191 386 2400


Absolutely terrible

Firstly, when we arrived we looked at the menu and hose what we wanted only to find out theybnot only didn't offer this but felt the need to run around the shop asking everybody what we were talking about. Extrelemy rude. Then we decided on a simple bag of chips each. As she was wrapping them she decided to stop half way through to chat with a friend, letting our food go cold and leaving us standing waiting. Eventually we had our food and paid, we then received the incorrect change. When we arrived home and tucked into our chips, they were cold and under cooked.

Terrible customer service, incorrect menu and disgusting cold uncooked food.
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