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Mobile DPF cleaning, EGR valve cleaning (Engine Gas Recirculation) DPF full needs regenerating or a clean? Car remapping/ Ecu tuning. Car diagnostics. ECU remap.

Elite Mobile Engine Carbon cleaning service. Services we provide, Mobile DPF Cleaning, Ecu Remapping, Engine tuning, Car remap, ECU tuning, and Diesel engine tuning. Ecu remap, EGR cleaning. Why not have a full engine carbon clean (including EGRs, Turbos, and Manifolds) for just £75.00. The service only takes between 30 to 60 minutes, and because we come to you, it removes the hassle of getting to and from a garage Our brand new engine carbon cleaning machines. The latest and state-of-the-art machines. The machines are the most powerful and strongest engine carbon cleaning machines in Leicester and the country. The smaller machine produces a massive 1400 litres of hydrogen an hour (Minimum flow rate) increasing to 1600 litres an hour after warming up. The country's truly most powerful mobile unit. More than powerful enough to clean any car or Van the larger machine produces a staggering 2600 litres an hour (minimum flow rate) but increases up to just over 3000 litres an hour once warmed up. (About 5 minutes) They both use quad pulsing technology.​ This is recommended for DPF issues and DPF maintenance These machines are the strongest machines in the country. Why are they the strongest? They use quad pulsing technology which is 10 to 15 times stronger and will do carbon cleaning in a much more superior way by pulsating the hydrogen in four different cycles. (Quad pulsing) Thus agitating the carbon to up to 10 to 15 times more than older machines and breaking the carbon away.​ The older machines merely produce hydrogen and do not quad pulse. We can carbon clean all large engines including lorries or buses, Tractors. Large plant machinery. The Job will be completed in a maximum time of just 90 minutes, (For larger engines) On a rare occasion, they may need up to 2 hours. We can carbon clean all small and large Diesel and petrol engines including LPG engines. On average, our service customers will save 10 to 15% a year on fuel with just one Engine Carbon Clean.


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Minimum flow rate 2600 litres an hour once warmed up to 3000+ litres an hour. The strongest engine carbon cleaning in Leicester and the country. Recommended for DPF maintenance and lowering clogged/blocked DPFs. This machine will cure most DPF issues.
Carbon clean and ecu tuning/Remapping
clean the entire intake and exhaust system including the air intake tract, valves, valve seats, swirl flaps, EGR filters, catalytic converters, DPF's and manifolds, Turbo's.
Dpf regenerations
Reading the ECU for tuning, Remapping car.
Engine carbon cleaning Leicester, ♦️Excessive rumble and shake ♦️increased fuel consumption ♦️Excessive smoke and emissions ♦️More DPF regeneration's
Mobile car and van diagnosis
So if it's a Power Tune, Economy Remap, Stage one tuning, or you just need that little bit more Torque for towing or carrying heavy loads, Caravans, Trailers, We only use genuine AlienTech tools for remapping.
Car diagnostics, Van diagnostics Fault codes erased, Forced DPF Regenerations. Read erase car diagnostic codes.
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Engine tuning
Engine carbon cleaning this Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 diesel. Slight EGR rattle but after 40 minutes on the machine, the EGR valve is much quieter and the engine lost the bass noise. It is now revving much more smoothly.
Minimum flow rate 1400 litres once warmed up to an hour up to 1600 litres an hour. The strongest truly mobile engine carbon cleaning machine in Leicester and the country.


Standard engine carbon cleaning service from £75.00
From £75 - 75 per booking
Ecu remapping, Car remap. ecu tuning from £190.00
From £190 - 250 per booking
Car/Van diagnostics
Between £40 - 40 per booking
Ecu remap with an engine carbon clean From £230.00
Between £230 - 265 per booking
Engine carbon cleaning service with dignostics and fuel system cleaner £99.00
Between £99 - 120 per booking
The new strongest engine catbon cleaning machine. For DPF issues and maintenance.3000 litres an hour
Between £95 - 120 per booking
DPF cleaning for heavily blocked DPF's using JLM Liquids
From £240 - 240 per booking

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Car diagnostics

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Engine Carbon Cleaning

Mobile engine carbon clean

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Lower carbon Emissions

Save On Fuel with a carbon clean

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Increased MPG with a carbon clean

Exhaust Blowing Black Smoke?

Increased DPF Regeneration

Car Engine carbon cleaning

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EGR carbon cleaning

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Remap EGR Delete DTC codes

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Car failed MOT on exhaust emissions

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Car remapping

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Throttle boby carbon clean

Van failed on the MOT emissions test


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had a remap and carbon clean on my volvo v70 last week. cant believe how much better the car drives now , it has more power and the throttle response is so much better ., the revs was slow to drop previously and felt like there was so much travel to get the revs but now its literally instant
i found Elite mobile engine carbon clean to be a very profesional company to use , they talked me threw the process and explained any questions i had.
will use them in the future.
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I can highly recommend Elite's services and I found them to be very competitively priced.

I have a '56 plate BMW that I've owned for 6 years. More recently it hadn't been feeling as quick off the mark as it used to be, which I just put down to age and general wear and tear. After a full engine carbon clean by John I've noticed a huge difference in its performance. When he was doing the clean, I could physically see (and smell) black soot/smoke coming out of the exhaust so the system he uses truly does its job. My car is back to being sprightly, more responsive and a real pleasure to drive again. Thank you Elite *****
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