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Business overview

A modern and innovative cosmetic and plastic surgery clinic in Glasgow city centre

What makes Elanic aesthetics clinic different is that we are led by a consultant plastic surgeon and we only use the very latest products and equipment – as lesser alternatives just will not do.

Our team of consultants and aesthetic practitioners are not only highly qualified but possess the knowledge and experience to ensure that you receive the very best care that will surpass your expectations. Your wellbeing before, during and after your treatment is our utmost priority.


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Products & Services

acne treatment

breast surgery

cellulite treatment

dermal filler treatment

eyelid surgery

hair removal



mole removal

reconstructive surgery


rosacea treatment

scar removal

skin peels

skin tag removal

tummy tucks

vein removal treatment

Varicose Vein removal

Ear Cosmetic Surgery

Nipple Reduction

Laser Resurfacing

Arm Lift

Thigh Lift

Face lifts



Beware! Awful!

I’ve been left botched by elanic after 3 revisions! My calls go unreturned, emails unanswered and I’m left without resolution after raising my concerns.

I’ve logged a formal complaint with them and there has been no attempt to resolve.

Throughout the entire 2 years this has been going on, I’ve felt ignored and as if I am bothering them, even when suffering with a bad seroma - I was fobbed off until I insisted I see my surgeon. Stay away from these incompetent people! They don’t care once they’ve taken your money.
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Not a good experience

Poor results, unhappy and unresolved.
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Wouldnt recommend anyone to these peeps!

I through my money into a drain, I wish I had donated it to a charity, it could have saved lives!
Very uncaring staff, nothing was done to my lips apart from the pain which hasnt gone away for nearly a year now! No aftercare, who does that! Arent you supposed to see the results of your patient after undergoing a surgery?
You knew you did nothing that's why you didnt follow up!

You are just there to rob off money from innocent clients who are in need of help!

Sad cases!
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Disfigure my face

I DO NOT recommend DR HALSNAD for any kind of surgery he disfigured my face he didn't give me what we discussed all I want is to breath better through my nose and on medical records it states I had a Septoplasty that he wrote BUT quite clearly I did not have this procedure. In fact he lied about that on a medical record he actually took half my nose( inside)away he performed a chinjob that he new I didn't need he is a 100% Manipulator and 100% hides behind a consent form and also relies on manipulating the staff to back up his mistakes. I hope one day what goes around comes around for dr halsnad KARMA will catchup with him . I really believe he doesn't realize the devastation causes infact I don't think he actually cares. One thing I will say when you meet him it all about him i can do this I can do that I can manipulate anyone me personally I think he is a full on EVIL I understand surgeons have big egos that understandable. But to me he's a Wannabe surgeon who's a NARCISSIST
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Poor aftercare false promises

Poor after care been 1 year since rhinoplasty still bot happy with results. My appointments keep getting cancelled as I feel Mr Halsnad does not want to fix this although he promised he would not leave me like this. £7,500 to have a nose bigger than when u started. I would not reccomend him to anyone. I opted for this procedure to give me more confidence and I have even less than before. I dont mind wearing face masks least it hides swollen bulbus nose.
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