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Business overview

Ensuring your children enjoy Learning. We tailor our programmes to what your Children enjoy doing, Football, Art etc. CRB Checked. Fully Qualified Teachers.

Dyslexia for the Wise is a Charity/Business company, which provides Dyslexia information, support, Training/Workshop, Assessments, Coaching and Educational Programmes for adults, Parents and young people.

We work along side:

. Parents

. schools



. Training providers

. Pupils Referral Units (PRU)

. Social Services

To support people who has the condition Dyslexia and other learning challenges.


A 12 Week Reading and Spelling Programme for children who are dyslexic or have other learning challenges.
We provide Dyslexia Training for adults and Professionals.
The S.T.O.P Targets is a great tool for Dyslexic people who wishes to complete their targets in a positive productive way.
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Products & Services

Dyslexia Centre

Dyslexia Support

Dyslexia Information

Dyslexia Information for Parents

Dyslexia Assessments

Educational Services



Dyslexia Workshops for Children

Dyslexia for Adults

Dyslexia for Young Adults

Dyslexia Symptoms

Tests for Dyslexia

Dyslexia Help

Dyslexia Resources

Dyslexia Tutoring


Dyslexia for the wise

This course was interesting and provided a lot of information that was useful to me in my work life and personal life. Dyslexia for the wise is a positive and very much needed platform in today's society, it gives young children and all people from different walks of life a way to harness their weaknesses into strengths.

Thanks dyslexia do th wise.
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Amazing course!!

The course was really interesting and very useful. I would fully recommend this course to anyone who wants to gain an insight into the world of person with Dyslexia and wants to support them or get support for themselves.
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Fantastic Company

Thank you Dyslexia for the Wise for supporting my son with his Dyslexia. Not only did you test him, but you gave him the confidence to accept, understand and share with his peers the Dyslexia Condition. He used to be slightly ashamed of this label, until he was seen by your company and you explained how the brain works and the creative side of things. He also uses the mind maps when he works and this has helped tremendously.
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Community Engagement

Dyslexia for the Wise has made considerable improvements for me recognising the support given to people of all ages with this condition. The variety of ways to learn has help me to be more aware of how individuals fight through their frustrations when it come to learning within schools, college and work. We do need more workshops like this which would enable all to get the support they deserve.
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Dyslexia assessement

I found my assessor to be thorough and interesting, she didn't make me feel as though I was silly because there were certain things that I could not grasp or understand straight away. The assessment has made me understand the way I think may be different to everyone else and she has given me advice on how to deal with any issues I may be having with dyslexia, whether it be on a professional level or my relationship with my children and my wife.

I would recommend Dyslexia for the wise to anyone. A truly life changing experience for me.

R Elias
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