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Want driving lessons? Need professional, reliable & friendly driving instructors? Driving illegally? Need your licence fast? Intensive lessons? Find out how our team can help.

Drivezire School of Motoring has been established since 2009, helping the communities of South, West & East London learn to drive.

Being nervous about driving lessons is a natural thing, which is why our approach to teaching offers patience and stability.

We pride ourselves on putting customers first to make sure that they learn to their full potential.

You want driving lessons, here's what we offer:

Tailored lessons for any level of experience

Practical test booking service guarantees the date you need

Intensive courses

Pass Plus courses

Driving instructor training

Friendly & reliable teachers

Female instructors

We cover most of:

West London

South West London

South East London

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Female driving instructors

Pass your test in 5 days

Intensive driving lessons

Mock driving tests

Pass Plus

Motorway driving lessons

Nervous driver lessons

Driving instructor training

Practical test booking service

Short notice car hire available for practical test

Sundays by arrangement

Defensive driving lessons

Refresher driving lessons

Confidence building lessons

Flexibie lessons

Driving test date finder

Driving test tips


Noel is the Best Driving Instructor

When I first started driving, I thought all instructors would be a bit grumpy and impatient - that had been my experience so far. Then I met Noel. Noel will never judge you for making a mistake. Noel helps you to laugh about it and move on. This is exactly what you need when you are learning a new skill like driving: patience, humour and kindness. Noel has all of these traits in abundance. I looked forward to every lesson. He knew exactly when to push me out of my comfort zone and when to hold back, reassure me and give me confidence. I can't recommend Noel enough. It's rare that you pass your test and feel you will actually miss your lessons and instructor - but I do! Thank you Noel and the whole team at Drive-zire, such a lovely, professional and energetic driving school that will not only help you pass your test but give you confidence and joy in driving you didn't know you could have. I will always and exclusively recommend this school to learners.
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Thank you Samantha

Thanks to Samantha's fantastic teaching, I aced my driving test on the first go. Her attention to detail and supportive approach made all the difference. If you're looking for a skilled instructor who gets results, Samantha is the one to go with!
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Lovely experience

I am glad to share that I passed my first driving test in London one week ago with Noel who is a great instructor. He is very kind, energetic and patient. Never be angry for my stupid behaviors and always encourage me. Thank you Noel and please choose Drivezire!
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Fantastic driving Instructer

I am super pleased to say I have passed my test with Noel. Having previously been a nervous driver, Noel has really helped me in every respect of my driving with continuous encouragement. Thanks so much for everything!
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Noel Noel Noel

Noel is an absolutely amazing human being and driving instructor. He’s accompanied me throughout my manual driving journey from start to end and has been nothing but exemplary, patient and lively.

He and his team were able to secure me a driving test in London five months earlier than the one I had previously scheduled myself. I was able to pass first time within one month of starting.

I’d also like to note that his vehicle aided me greatly in passing the practical test. His brand new Ford drove like a dream and gave me the confidence I needed to use the clutch and shift smooth as butter, especially in comparison to other driving instructors’ vehicles.

Noel, wishing you all the best in all your future endeavours!
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