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Find a wide range of pizza for delivery with Domino’s at London - Edgware. All our pizzas are made using 100% mozzarella, vine ripened tomatoes and our signature fresh dough.


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Substandard ingredients being used

I've ordered from here a few times and each time the quality, taste and texture of the food was very different. There is no level of consistency one would expect.

I also firmly believe cheap substandard ingredients are being used to save on costs. On each of my orders the cheese tasted strange. There is absolutely no way it was the "official" Domino's cheese.

I really do hope Head Office look into this because I was of the view each store had to use official standardised ingredients so as to maintain quality and consistentcy levels throughout.
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Well below par

Having recently moved to the area this branch is my local for delivery orders, and I so wish it wasn't. If the standard of my recent first order is the norm then the quality of the food is well below par at this branch. The potato wedges were of an awful quality - I'm pretty certain they were a basic range purchased from a supermarket and passed off as genuine Domino's food. The garlic pizza bread tasted strange - doughy with hardly any cheese. The dough balls were tiny in size, again, with very little cheese inside. The cookies just tasted odd. The pizza was truly awful. Hardly any toppings and very little cheese. To scrimp on costs it seems this branch put no cheese on the base just a little on top of the toppings. So instead of the norm pizzas of base-tomato sauce-cheese-toppings-cheese you get base-tomato sauce-toppings-cheese. The texture was all wrong and it just didn't taste very good. I never experienced any of these issues with my previous Domino's in South London.
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Inconsistent quality

As the online tracker gives you the name of who is preparing your order, I've noticed the quality of food (particularly pizzas) varies significantly depending on who makes it.

When the name "Dalma" appears, I know the pizza will be delicious - with a soft, melt in your mouth fluffy base. (10 out of 10).

However, when the tracker informs me my order is being prepared by "Zsolt" - I dread it, because I know the pizza base will be very thin, crusty, hard and tough. Not pleasant at all. (4 out of 10).

Unfortunately, for online orders it is impossible to know who will be preparing your order until after placement - so its down to luck as to whether your food will be decent or not.

Dalma, please train Zsolt up to your high standards if you don't want to lose a longstanding customer who spends over £1000 at your branch every year.
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Gone downhill

The quality of food has gone downhill at this outlet in the last few months. I had been ordering from this store regularly for over 10 years, but they've now lost my custom.

Pizza's and sides don't taste like they used to - standards have dropped. I can only assume this is down to (or a combination of) a shift to low quality cheaper ingredients, a recent change in franchise ownership or untrained / unmotivated staff.
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