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what a fantastic service!

My dalmatian Neville was 7 months old when I decided I needed a bit of help! He would pull on the lead, steal balls from strangers and generally didn't listen to me much! As soon as I contacted Gosia I knew she would be able to solve all my problems. She was flexible and worked around my busy schedule, and also helped involve my 2 year old in the training. Gosia has such a positive approach to dog training and can resolve any issue and has great advice! She has definately brought me closer to my pet and I use her techniques daily. The training was truely invaluable.
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Bailey, the playful 'Staffie' loves Dogs&The City

After adopting our wee rescue staffie who has some dog socialisation issues we got in contact with Dogs&theCity initially for help with dog walking and mentioned to Gosia some of the issues we were experiencing. Gosia has been helping us to understand Bailey better so that we can work on her challenges. From the start Gosia has had an amazing bond with Bailey who has been responding well to training and has progressed from not being able to walk near another dog to now playing with some new friends without her muzzle on. We still have some way to go however the progress we have seen has been very rewarding and Gosia has been very supportive and patient and has included the children in any training so that we understand as a family what is best for our pet. I feel 100% confident with leaving my pet with Dog and the city and know that Gosia has a love for all the dogs she works with.
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Kola - British Bulldog

We have been using Gosia for a couple of months now to help us learn how to deal with Kola's issues and how to train her. She is a rescue dog and is very scared of strangers and has never been socialised with other dogs so is also very scared of them.

Gosia works with us on one to one training with Kola and initially we worked on basic commands in the house and how to get her used to visitors and the door bell and intercom.

We then worked on giving Kola a positive experience on walks so she was not so scared of strangers and other dogs and this means walks are not so stressfull for us and Kola.

We then worked with Ivan, Gosia's dog to get her used to a dog being close and walking with her.

We have just started using the training line in the park and that was also really useful.

We will be continuing to work with Gosia and her dog to get Kola used to him.

Overall we are very pleased with the work Gosia has done with us and Kola as it has made a big difference to us all and she is very knowledgable and helpful.
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Great Dog Trainer

Woof, woof! I’m Tito! I’m 11 months old Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, and I’m a big fan of Gosia’s training sessions. My Mom likes them as well - and she is not the easiest person to train ;)
Thanks to Gosia we both learned that humans has to be trained as well as the dogs. My Mom learned how to feed me, play with me and how to behave in different situations.
I also learned a lot - I can do „sit" and „stay" and „down", and „kiss", and „paw", and „spin", and woof, woof, I really enjoy clicker training and all the treats and games and… playing with Gosia’s dogs as well!
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Snowy and the TinTin family

Snowy arrived at our house in early January 2014 as a wee 11 week ago pup. I had a dog when i was a child along time ago, so I new I liked dogs but had no idea what I was taking on.
Anyway we found Gosia and all our prayers where answered in one go. Not only has Gosia walked Snowy every day during the week allowing me to relax while at work knowing Snowy was in good hands, but Gosia has also puppy trained Snowy and me and the kids.
I can now sit, walk backwards and lie down on command and Snowy is not bad at these commands as well.
All in all, Gosia is first class in her field and I would highly recommend her services.
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