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Not a good one :(

This company blows hot and cold. I ordered a grands worth of stuff for a delivery at a job I was doing and paid extra for delivery. The order was to be delivered the following Thursday. Couple of days later I was back to order a two more cabinets for a different job and asked if the first order could be delivered on the Wednesday instead, no problem. But on the day I received a call saying I had to have a couple of guys there to help with the worktops as they where 3.9 metres in length. I told them I was hoping the driver would help, "they are not allowed on your premises" (no particular reason given but I can only assume because of Corvid), "Its say on your invoice"... What invoice???? All I got was a bit of blank paper with a stamp on it, if this is their policy then maybe there should give people a "Conditions of sale". Unless I'm desperate I don't think Ill be going back.. but then they are cheap so I suppose it's the reason why .. no "PR"
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