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New 15% OAP Discounts - New 5 year Guarantee - 24 Hour Call Out - Supplied - Fitted - Repaired

New 15% OAP Discounts - New 5 year Guarantee - 24 Hour Call Out

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TV set up to go through Sky box and wouldn't tune in to normal tv. Quoted £80 for a splitter OR £200 for a wide range; aerial which would be better. So I went for the £200 choice expecting it to be all sorted. When he left, I still couldn't tune in the TV and had even less channels than before. The back of the tv wiring was done with dry connections which basically is the wires cut and taped together It looked so unprofessional and untidy and definitely wouldn't last!! So I phoned and complained - they said they would come back in 2 days and I was told that I probably needed to buy the splitter as well - a further £80 If you are unlucky enough to have to use this company then go for the cheaper option which, you can probably pick up for yourself, in fact, I probably could have done a better job myself!!
And you wonder why these technicians in general have a bad reputation
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Disappointing Encounter!

Did the job well enough - but can't help feeling ripped off though!
Turned up 50 minutes late.
Quoted, on the basis of it being two man job - one man turned up, did it in half an hour (by himself), same charge + extra £8
Worker left a bit of a mess.

This is a real shame, I tend to stay loyal to companies who impress me, and I don't mind paying a bit over the odds for good service and professionalism. I feel this encounter was slightly dishonest and definitely unprofessional.
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Fast friendly and well priced. What else would you want.
Cheers guys
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Do Not Use under any circumstances.

phoned this company to repair or replace my aerial. Was charged £248 which i now know was well over the odds.And the guy did not even take the old aerial or rubbish away.
Also when i paid him by cheque it wasnt even digital tv solutions but a guy called A 1 aerials?.
Would have left no stars if i could.
01 Dec 2016
Hi Keith sorry to here about your experience. We can not take the old aerials away as we do not have the space. most aerial company's are the same. If you list what you were charged for I can double check the price? You must of been charged for a highgain aerial due to bad reception area or trees? For a basic aerial we charge £80.00 For a highgain aerial we charge £120.00. Both prices are including labour. How ever if you had new brackets/mast/u bolts etc and coax cable runs this with have all added to the price. All companies charge different prices like anything in life due to more overheads-staff/company cars/advertising/equipment etc. If you send over the details I can double check the price for you. As for the company name. TV solutions is an advertising name under the name A1aerials. If you research this you will find a lot of company's do the same even huge firms. It's normal and perfectly within regulations. Kind regards
02 Dec 2016
i think the whole thing was replaced,fair enough,but the guy did not clear up and also cut my sky cable to put new aerial cable through instead of original aerial cable which i can now no longer use,
02 Dec 2016
Hi When ever you re-join Sky they always offer a free installation this is due to there constant change in equipment and materials used and to get you as a customer for 12months. It has alway been like that. So if you were to join sky they would offer a free installation to get you back up and running. We usually do this to save the customer having more holes through there walls as to many can cause damp. We always double check if the cables are live/in use if so we will always drill a new hole. The engineer should of made you aware of this though. However if you would want the aerial to have its own hole I can get him to come back and do that for you and reconnect sky cables? Kind regards
05 May 2017
Hi, Am still getting a broken signal even with a complete new aerial can you get someone round to check out for me,also have not received guarantee/warranty i was promised.cheers
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Superb job

Thanks to David and Peter for the prompt service very happy and would recommend
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